Author Topic: Unified Vidya Games thread  (Read 84149 times)


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Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« Reply #735 on: April 27, 2019, 09:25:42 am »
I haven't played the quest yet and it's still under NDA, but there appear to be some cool lore nuggets.

The whole story Tharn has you investigate for the starter quest is interesting. It suggests that dragons may have somehow driven the establishment of Elsweyr and the unification of the clans, though how exactly is not clear.

ZOS have not forgotten that there were Akaviri in Rimmen not long ago. Akaviri dragon hunting techniques apparently include huge horns that can Dragonrend the giant flying lizards, which makes sense given how we get Dragonrend in Skyrim.

There will be Alfiq! ZOS is committed to showing variant Khajiit races.

Hopefully this plot will also tie into Meridia being the new "big bad" of the series, as alluded to at the end of Summerset. One of the DLC dungeons which also ties into this plot involved retrieving a tablet which was defended by Meridia cultists and daedra. There were some nods towards Umaril the Unfeathered in that dungeon, though the slippery bastard didn't make an appearance himself.  Given it was Tharn's fuckup that saw the dragons released we can't lay complete blame at Meridia's feet, but the main quest also appears to involve necromancy in some aspect, so that will narc her off.