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Quote from: ein Gefrorener W├╝rfel on February 25, 2024, 09:04:48 PMGlad you found a nice place. I'm also fine currently.

Had to move a year ago because rent was getting high (>60% of my income after taxes etc..).
Am now living in a smaller flat in a smaller town. Landlord is a "Genossenschaft" (online translators tell me the correct translation is cooperative (society)/collective. "Genosse" means comrade, so maybe comradeship). It means the Genossenschaft owns the flats, but also only consists of all the renters. So, the rents are just high enough to pay for staff and upkeep, no profit for some investment company.

Also I've defended my PhD last Thursday. Finally finished that chapter.

Nice to meet you! I am very much about finding competitive nonprofit methodologies in all markets. Sounds like an interesting concept.
Quote from: Faust on February 27, 2024, 07:16:36 AMGlad you and verthain have some kind of stability at the moment wizjoe. Sauin Is that the phonetic of samhain (autumn)?

Yeah. She's got that Oct 31 birthday Scorpio thing, and the name reflects that. We are doing well overall. In fact at this time Sauin has another spot entirely so for now it's just Verthaine and myself here. We have a nice "double camel back" style house to work with. Half of it is in an unlivable state of disrepair. It bears smoke damage, debris, likely some black mold, and a rather powerful haunting presence exacerbated by the clear intermittent use by some spiritual practitioner, but the structural integrity, doors, and windows are all sound. Our side is livable, and although there's no running water on site as yet, we have power. The power box had been gutted gutted for copper and bore signs of several rather nasty spark events when we arrived. A man was apparently told by unknown factors to come repair it about middle December. He told me in quite friendly fash that I didn't need to worry about who was paying the bill for now. It's been fine since. I finally got all of the documentation together to get a valid Louisiana driver's license largely because of the boon so granted. It seems that I have a rather well informed secret supporter or group.

I am under general promise not to discuss Verthaine's status with people, but I can say that he is as well as a man that's been THROUGH IT can be. We're working on getting him back into the system for various forms of support he needs that I cannot provide. He's very much a brother to me after these years here in New Orleans, and so I have done all I can for him.

Turns out that's been enough for the both of us, at least so far.
I have been gone from here for a long time, but I am here now. I have some things to say here in the twilight, I guess. I don't know that there's time left before this escahton gets rolling, but it's time to start saying things again.
Quote from: Doktor Howl on February 16, 2024, 05:12:02 PMThe interesting thing is that we are feeling the effects of a recession, but there's nothing wrong with the economy.  At least nothing that's new...We of course still have billionaires being liquidity traps.

What is happening instead is a societal failure.  It is 45 years of bad decision-making catching up with us.  That's why there's no easy fix.  The entire system is rotten, from our banks to our culture.  In the USA, this started with the Carter/Reagan election. Carter said there was hard work ahead, but also prosperity.  Reagan said he'd give us all a tax break right now.  Guess who won?

Reagan also made bigotry acceptable again, with his ridiculous shit about "Welfare Queens" that even he had to later admit was a product of his imagination.  In addition, he taught America to distrust experts, and to hate the government.  We just didn't see it happening, at the time.

We see all that now, in widescreen, and we wonder how a once space-faring nation decided that vaccines aren't a thing, and that a nation with more guns than people is somehow not going to allow guns to fall into the wrong hands on the regular.

Of course, the presidents that followed - all of them - reinforced these very things, or at least some of them.

More to follow

This is my childhood indoctrination period you're talking about. It would wind up taking me until well into my teens during the Clinton years to begin to see some of the horror behind it, though Clinton per se had nothing to do with it. An extremely heavy bias on the religious "Christian" side of that Reagan era political beast had childhood me straight up looking up to him, and any President at that age really, in what I might call a "hero cult" of sorts today, but not a cool one like Fred Rogers.

Something like the "Anti-Rogers" in a sense..
New Palestine
Old, Actual Palestine
Excess mortality statistics
Old species doing new Weird Shit
New species doing new Weird Shit

Add a souscant of mRNA
AND, hey,
Have you seen the WHITE CLOTS YET?!

It gets Weirder
Oh it gets Weirder
My good Goddess
How it do,
Do that

It's very strange to see
Apocalyptically speaking
So this is us I guess. I can see that there have been some changes to the forum. I found the thread that Faust had posted. But this is about a transition both for the forum and an attempt at exposition at how things are going both now and in the course of the time that has passed since I last posted here on please do bear with me as there is much and I do not know exactly where to begin, and so I will simply attempt to begin.

I think it is best to first simply summarize that so far, both myself and Verthaine are alive, reasonably secure, and well supported after a truly challenging 2023. We were both unhoused unlawfully about this time of year. It's been a BOSS FIGHT for us both together, and individually, and we are now both securely housed in a rather nice abandoned house not all that far from where the SHTF for us after nearly 2.5 years of cohabitation with Verthaine as my Landlord.A

I have survived, and Truly thrived even, in the streets of This City, whom I very much enjoy anthropomorphizing as The Lady New Orleans, or Lady Nola for short. All of my possessions are for the most part good materiel salvaged from Her Streets, gifts given in respect for spiritual work done here, or purchased with money earned reading tarot in Her Streets. The house that now keeps 3 of Eris' kids secure is no exception to this pattern. I found it in about middle of November, just as the overnight temperatures and rainfall were getting potentially quite hazardous. The front door was open, and it had two deadbolts on it instead of a bolt and a proper knob assembly. They were both in locked positions, implying that whoever had last made ingress was not in possession of the keys. Now I have lived in the St Roch neighborhood for over 3 years at this point. I knew this house to have been largely abandoned during that whole period. In that time I had seen local addicts of a rather nasty sort wear out, and then ultimately burn down, a similar building.

It would turn out that I had made a rather good choice to see if I could treat the place better. And now I, Verthaine, and a local Discordian Sister named Sauin are doing just fine. As I document the work I am putting into the place I may post some pics here, and there.

More later as it goes!

So, that said, HOW YOU GUYS DOING?

(A) Please do note this term is pretty dang loose in New Orleans, but I was handing him my cheddar. More on this later.

At the time of this writing, it has been nearly 3 years since I set my feet on the streets of New Orleans. It probably happened immediately, but it took me about 3 days to realize that I was fanatically, irrationally in love with The City. It's the kind of unquestionable, and even combative, love that you might see out of a 3rd grader, and it's at this time every bit as strong as ever. It's not abstract or passive. I work. I wage war of a sort for this love. I love and will go TO THE WALL because I came home when I came here.

The first day in St. Roch was a blessed and guided one, for sure. Eris had my back harder than I ever could have conceived, much less expected. I had packed a backpack and rolling luggage for urban survival, but I found housing that first day in St. Roch by the hand of Eris and the graces of Lady Nola. Quite by seeming chance, I was led to a particular street corner when, on whimsy, I followed a tiny lizard that was on the sidewalk. I was quite unused to such a sight, and it seemed to be trying to get my attention, oddly but truly.

A few minutes of this led me to a corner by a park where I was approached by a young man that clearly saw an opportunity. I was weary, back then the remaining flourotoxins and vascular damage had me always weary. I decided to see if this guy was a fool ass mark willing to show a stranger several times his size where he lived after mentioning having "acid" for sale. I offered to smoke a bit of weed, and indeed he proved a fool. This was not to say I intended harm, but I noted it. The shotgun house he brought me to to meet his "landlord" was a trash heap, but it beat the alternative by a long shot indeed. The kid didn't actually wind up staying in the picture long, but it turned out my landlord was none other than Verthaine, Polyfather of New Orleans and all around swell guy.

Hail Eris!
I have landed!
In safe harbor!
Not stranded!

We struck a rental agreement that would endure over 2 years of both triumph and hardship alike. Although, at the time of this writing, both Verthaine and I struggle to find housing in the high summer. This because of low treachery indeed.

More on that later.

It must be said
Though unhoused
Neither of us is ever

Lady Nola
keeps well
her own

Hail Eris
She brought
me home
It has been effectively over two years since posting with any regularity here, or anywhere but Facebook really. I keep making poetry and memes... Also poememes. I in some ways do not much internally, mentally resemble who I was as 2020 came to a close and I moved in profound desperation to New Orleans where I knew only that it would be warm, and food in great abundance.

I have so far nearly died twice here, once just this last Thanksgiving season from complications of my mRNA "vaccine", a bad case of RSV, and a previously undetected allergy to all food that I have probably had since early childhood at least. The other time was during hurricane Ida when a tree limb big enough to crush the part of the house I was sheltering in missed the house by a foot or so. Moreover I have mutated spiritually in largely beneficial ways just from "ordinary" daily living here and constantly being hip deep in eccentric geniuses to talk to and occasionally befriend. I am at a bit of a loss for the words to articulate it more specifically and so will try to tell a fiction that reflects very real events both internal and external.

The very good news is that I have largely manages to re-integrate myself after the solder saver poisoning in early 2020. I still have unfinished business on that score, but it is nowhere nearly as important as maintaining my current state of well-being. Since changing my diet and other habits I am physically in better condition than ever in my living memory. I have lost about 14+ inches from my waistline in 2 years and cutting all carbohydrates has further thinned my face and extremities by stopping allergic inflammation and water retention. I feel nearly weightless when I walk now, and even at still 385 lbs I can go 5 miles with essentially no breaks and recover in a half hour rest.

I am very glad to be back on pd, dead or not. I have A LOT to say and this is the place for much of it. Good to see you guys!
Quote from: Junkenstein on December 10, 2022, 01:27:00 AM
Quote from: Cain on November 21, 2022, 10:58:35 PM
I'm pretty sure it actually comes originally from PUA circles (though given the PUA/manosphere/toxic gamer culture overlap that's not saying much). Some of the older guides definitely talk about having a "prop" to initiate conversations with people.

It's 2028. Twitter is the go to platform for incels worldwide. Full length hentai body pillow sales spike beyond capacity. Trumps cyogenically preserved head is both the new logo and server farm after janky Jonny Mnemnoic shennagins become possible. Every 6 months or so, a wicker man style ceremony has become needed to add brains to the jar for additional RAM. Somehow, this dilutes the original intelligence so it no can do little more than blink out the semaphore for "HATE-JEWS". This is considered a feature, not a bug.

Around 2042, the ceremonies are multi participant, highly eleborate and the brain mass is capabale of subsuming whole busses of fuckers at a time. Thanks to the great trench project it's largely confined to Asia due to legal issues. Child sex offences now happen on a city wide scale commited entirely by one entity having absorbed the most foul and deliquent minds of the last decades. The background hum within 15 miles is unsettling. A thousand different voice all muttering just slightly out of sync. "Peterson must be smart because no one else went to Russia to cripple themselves. You can't eat that much meat and be dumb. He has bionic shins now so whats the problem".

The eventual sociatal collapse is seen as a blessing by the remaining humans. The experiment conclusively failed.

:lulz: :lulz: :lulz:  :lulz: :lulz:
Quote from: Doktor Howl on December 05, 2022, 03:07:37 PM
Quote from: The Wizard Joseph on December 02, 2022, 04:05:25 PM
*marks all as read like a boss*

I am very glad to be alive and back on PD again. Gonna take a bit looking around and reading to get refreshed, but also have a fuckload to say after like 2 years in New Orleans.My entire worldview has undergone several revolutions since I last posted. Hail Eris guys!

All Hail Discordia

Good to see you back, TWJ.

Good to be here, both at PD and alive. There is SO MUCH to tell, but from about mid November I was in a struggle for my life in extremely adverse conditions. My words at the ER intake were misconstrued out of context as an excuse to pu me on a hold for violent, suicidal, and psychotic patients, and in Louisiana being chaptered in essentially dropping you to the bottom of care priority. I was in for cardiac distress and respiratory failure. They have a tight scam running on vulnerable patients in New Orleans. I was aware of the abuses, but had no choice. It's a long painful story, but my self-diagnosis and their adherence to my right to deny medication kept me alive. I was suffering from RSV and an unknown endogenous cardiotoxic concentration stimulant pouring into my body from the shoulder I got my mRNA "vaccine" in in late 2021. I also discovered in the process of diagnosis that I am allergic to food.

All food produces some amount of histamine reaction in me, carbohydrates moreso by an order of magnitude. I cannot drink the 12 or so grams of sugar in 8oz of milk or I will be sick all day without cannabinoid or diphenhydramine interference. Moreover the cardiotoxin dumps now when I consume sugars as well. I will open a thread on the matter soon.

Otherwise I am decently employed now and after several lifestyle changes an feeling truly excellent, and performing physically better than someone that nearly died of atrial dysrythmia only a week ago has any right to be.

I am feeling well, but it is in a sense at gunpoint. Nothing sadder than an Italian that can never eat pasta or a cannoli again, but I pay it gladly.
*marks all as read like a boss*

I am very glad to be alive and back on PD again. Gonna take a bit looking around and reading to get refreshed, but also have a fuckload to say after like 2 years in New Orleans.My entire worldview has undergone several revolutions since I last posted. Hail Eris guys!

All Hail Discordia
Well, that news certainly was enough to get me back here again. Been considering it for a while. Got things to share here methinks. Part of the point of using FB at all to me is in keeping contact with cool people in my life. That and soft-touch subversive meme distribution, largely overtly Discordian in nature lately. That said...

Hamish Howl rides eternal and is awaited in Valhalla!
3 Goddesses Black Blood Wine Spritzer

Equal proportions

A'Siciliana Aranciata Sicilian
blood orange soda consecrated to Eris

Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot
Consecrated to Lady Nola (New Orleans)

Five Reasons Cabarnet Sauvignon
Consecrated to Oya, Orisha of storms, change, and magic

Pour the each wine one after the other into a serving container and let it splash while pouring to aerate and mix.

Pour blood orange soda in gently at a steep angle to preserve carbonation.

Stir gently but with increasing swiftness until a clear funnel forms in the liquid.

Withdraw stirring device and allow the liquid to settle into stillness naturally.

Pour into broad red wine glass or brandy snifter and serve at room temperature.

CAUTION: A heady sensation will occour with relatively little libation. You're sucking down A LOT of power related to Change and Chaos in addition to any chemical effect.
Damned Irritating Alliterates
Did It Again

Discordia Is Apoplectic

Do I Argue

Dieties Inherently Aggrandize

Daily Incoherent Aplomb