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Heh, a hotel here in Dubuque has a room that Al Capone stayed in and  they advertise it as such.
Apologies without being apologetic. Hell yeah! Sorry spy kids butt...  :evil:

I say if they pay to watch then they should get a show.

They are an ultimate captive audience after all. UNCLE SAM is keeping them in beer and astrolube and expects full reports. Of course knowing for sure that you're being watched is kind of tricky. Best to simply build fun habits. Innocent things really impossible to call 'crime' or 'of interest' by any judicial standard, no matter how loose.

Like if you're having a friend over to have a serious chat you can help ensure they get an earful on that nifty little laser mic by taping a standard remote controlled vibrator, available at any adult boutique, to the only window in your private conversation room. Just pretend you're *bleeping* the conversation in creative ways. Don't over use and speak softly. Unless you've been SO naughty as to be a high priority they may not have to listen in real time, but they do have to listen. The poor snoop will likely have to review the recording at high volume and get VERY LOUD intermittent screeching in the ear for their trouble.

Or let's say that subtlety is already out the door and there's an obvious pick watching your living room from across the street. Tolerate them as though you're unaware and surreptitiously borrow an obscure friend's phone. Reserve as many of the ugliest and most morbidly obese strippers as you can for a fine day in the not too distant future. They must be instructed to arrive and enter the house all at once and not to touch you at all. When the day arrives begin to clean house a bit. Move furniture to the sides of the room and vacuum and such. Make a clear floor space but be in no hurry or worry.
When at last the time comes put a single chair in the middle of the room facing them. You may now wave or otherwise acknowledge TheMan. Sit on the chair and put on a blindfold and perhaps even a cheeky Guy Fawkes mask. Remote start stereo as 'the talent' arrives. Don't forget to dance a bit in your seat. It's good for your health!

 They have to watch. Uncle Sam is paying for this shit. I say give them a memory worth the paycheck.
Or Kill Me / Asking the right questions
« Last post by Xaz on Today at 02:48:19 pm »
Recently I have been struggling with a renewed crisis of identity. It rolls around every so often (late teens, again around 20, and now at 24) and in the past I have dealt with it through various methods of escapism. Relationships, alcohol, video games, weed have all worked pretty effectively throughout the years at staving off that sense of ennui. Furthermore, I have watched others doing exactly the same things and some seem to be content with such passtimes. Why is that enough for some and not for others? Or am I looking at others in a too-superficial level and maybe I have to understand that nobody else has the answers either and they're looking for the same things I am. The combined fallacies of consensus and uniqueness pushing up against each other.

Nevertheless, I feel like these are all imperfect coping mechanisms and are not serving to answer that underlying, nagging question: "Who am I and what am I doing?"

Now, I could tell you a myriad of facts about myself. My nationality,  my occupation, my education, my Myers-Briggs type, what I had for breakfast, etc. etc. But compiling this list of labels doesn't seem to clarify my image of myself within my own mind so I can hardly imagine they are much better descriptors for those who don't know me.

So these days the favoured method of escapism is endless trawling of the internet. I know that it's not a constructive use of my time when there's concrete, material things to be done such as cleaning the house or paying bills or actually doing some work instead of sitting at my computer pretending to be busy. But then I wonder if cleaning/working and the more 'productive' uses of time are just more escapism. I look at my brother who is 22 and has a house with a fiancee and a dog and a job selling houses and don't believe that he is any happier or knows any more about himself than I do. Maybe responsibility is a different escapism.

So then if intoxication isn't the answer, and neither are electronics or responsibilities or relationships or religion then what is? What was the question again?

I hope that made some sense - and apologies if it comes off as angsty and self-centred. It's remarkably hard to translate thoughts into coherent, written-down ideas.

I would appreciate your thoughts though.

Edit: Then you've got questions like Am I a good person? What does it mean to be a good person? Do I need to be a good person? Enough to tie a young man's brain in knots.
So I went on an epically lovely date with the old man tonight, and then woke up and made him take me home at 3 am because I have a horrid sore throat. :(

That, and his dogs are a bit crowdy. Between the two factors I was not sleeping at all. At least it was a lovely date, though.

Glad to hear the date went well at least.  I think it's a fair sign of a good thing when the practical issues like not being able to sleep well with a sore throat and a bunch of dogs can just be handled practically and not spoil previous pleasantries.

Also, I'm about to start the write up on CT recovery and my concept of spiritual agnosis. Hope to be done sometime today or tomorrow. Decided not to open a new thread and add it as an entry to the 'on your lawn' thread instead as I realized explanation would require context from my life and the journey into weirdness began around the time I left off in that thread. This would be around 1998.
Interesting. I'll look into it. There's an ongoing spree in LaCrosse and along the Mississippi. No cops have opened up. They will discuss drugs, gangs, but not this.

every year like clockwork and about the same season. There are even NDAs I'm told that the local radio consortium makes talent sign to not discuss it.

LaCrosse runs on college and smuggling money. The cover up is intense. I suspect a cabal of some sort in that the killer has always managed to separate full grown men and drown them without a reported mark. That they're always white may be a factor too, but it's not really a sure indicator of racism.

Hum, I'm from there.  The story goes that the person walks away with someone in uniform. 

Also, I don't know the smuggling thing?

Well as to the uniform thing I had not heard of anything like that. I'll ask around .

As to the smuggling thing, well, let us say I am well acquainted with folks who would know, and I will prudently leave it at that on a public forum. This place is a travel nexus for 4 states. Also the Mississippi and all points south.

I am not from the region Trivial.  I'm originally from Racine. Plenty of history there too. They got one of Dillinger's Tommy guns on display in the lobby of the police station.

I do not wish to derail the thread much further, but will possibly open a thread on LaX generally after I get several projects and bits of research for what's already on my plate @ PD finished.

Pleasure to meet another Wisconsinite! :)
Or Kill Me / Re: Uncurious monkeys
« Last post by Mesozoic Mister Nigel on Today at 10:41:20 am »
I don't think it's guts, or willingness, that I lack, it may be ability (look, something I'm blind to!). Haven't I already admitted that those were loaded questions? Assuming people's lack of interest in x is caused by a lack of curiosity, and fishing for confirmation that there's something strange and mildly negative about it?

And I am aware that there's quite a few reasons people may not be interested, chiefly that they have already been exploring a subject and moved on, and also personal differences in openness to new experiences being attuned to different things and blind to others. Myself included. It just doesn't seem to me like that's all.

Am I still missing your point?

I was making assertions here because it seemed to me like we could be miscommunicating and I wanted to clarify exactly what I'm trying to say. I might simply be misunderstanding what you are saying, though. :) How am I not curious about people? I'm not extrapolating about a person from a single instance, I may add. All the individuals I've used in examples were people I consider my friends, genuinely like, and interact with often enough to see whatever I'm describing was not aberrant behavior. Maybe I should have mentioned this. None of them are shallow or stupid people, and that makes it all the more perplexing. And there's plenty of people I know who are not like this, people who'll bite into anything interesting you show them, who will talk about any subject, people who pay attention. Why are they this way, when others aren't? Simply personal difference?

But you're still not actually going to put any time or thought into taking apart your own questions and critically examining the assumptions behind them, are you?
More hilarity.  Jim was boinking Lilly.  Jim's wife found out, and called their old friend Mike T, who just happens to be president of NA operations.

Jim got retired.  Lilly is still here. 

All the projects that are failing are gathering up, and are about due to be hung around the plant manager's neck.  And the plant manager is now...Lilly.

Mike T has a vicious sense of vengeance.

(I have to say that I am absolutely stunned that Jim, the quintessential good boy, was cheating.  Especially given that his wife is prettier than Lilly, smarter than Lilly, and - unlike Lilly - has emotions beyond those possessed by reptiles.)

Needless to say, I am willing to help this train wreck along.  Oh, yes.  Jim is the best boss I ever had, regardless of his personal failings, and I will have revenge.


Oh, that's messy as fuck.
This is fucking creepy.
So I went on an epically lovely date with the old man tonight, and then woke up and made him take me home at 3 am because I have a horrid sore throat. :(

That, and his dogs are a bit crowdy. Between the two factors I was not sleeping at all. At least it was a lovely date, though.
What colour was the dress Leonard Nimoy wearing while he died watching 50 Shades of Grey?  You wont believe what millenials said!  Click here for the listicle.

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