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Potential new employer seems sensible enough. Brand new is some regards so I can have myself all kinds of fun.

It's probably the first interview that I've treated like an interrogation though. I don't think he really expected me to be interviewing him.

I posted this in another thread, but these guys are worth a look.

"Colonial Teeth" has moments of pure horrormirth. The tales behind the tank robbery, Hugh Glass and the Rube are wonderful. Other episodes are equally wonderful. "Purity Balls" is great too. Many wonderful little quotes and asides, give it a try.

Wait, what?

Basically, it will result in people not wanting to get better, and in turn not getting better because they find those mental health support forums a welcome community for them to participate in only as long as they have their mental illnesses.

What? Are you serious here? Are you seriously implying that mental health support forums actively make people regress when they're improving because the need to remain part of a community at the obvious cost of their mental health?

I'm not saying this doesn't occur, but I think you'd be more accurate if you were talking about forums that involved pretty much anything else. Games. Films. Clothing. Wicca. I can see this occurring in all these places but this surely must be frowned upon at the least in any semi-respectable forum devoted to mental health.

Or maybe I'm insane and Narcissism support forums are filled with selfies and Depression support forums rife with "Here's how to not improve anything and end it all" threads.

I kind of see what you mean with:

One other "group" aspect of social psychology is that people like people who are similar to them, and in a group they like those more similar to them at the expense of those different from them.

Which just makes the follow on even stranger. Why would someone suffering from X seek support from people with problem Y? That makes no sense. You talk to people also dealing with X. Y may be a related issue which they share but it's not the immediate and sensible go-to place.

Example - I have crippling stomach pains. So I'm going to get my eyes tested. By Mormons.

I'd strongly suggest that what you seem to be referring to are not good places to get help and advice. They are place you go to talk about how wonderful your shit smells and NOT actually deal with whatever issue it is you have.

If you've got some mysterious qualifications or knowledge, I'd disclose it now. More than a couple of us here are intimately familiar with mental health care, assessments, treatments, etc. and you seem to be talking out of your arse.

That was seriously annoying.

Really? I liked it. It was actually pretty relaxing.

But I have to say, the trend of people thinking it's their responsibility to disconnect others from social media is starting to piss me off. There was that one video a few months ago with a guy reading a poem he wrote, and it said we're creating smart phones and dumb people. At least two of the people I saw share it are the ones at parties that keep pulling out their phones.

It's a bunch of you're-doin-it-wrong even though everyone's doing the same fucking thing.
That was seriously annoying.
At this point too, it's very hard for me to shut my brain up. Last night I stopped studying at midnight but couldn't get to sleep until almost 4 am. I woke up at almost noon. It's 1 am in Boston now. There's no other choice at this point. That's part of the reason I'm a night owl. I do most of my thinking too late in the night, and then I want to keep thinking until I'm exhausted.

On the bright side, school is one stop away on the T. Ten minute walk to the train, two minutes on the train, one minute walk to school. So when I pass that exam in, I have the option of falling asleep within 15 minutes.
Let's put it this way. When the alarm goes off, it wakes me up just enough that I think I'm awake enough to get up, but to take 5 more minutes for snooze. That half awake hand is very indiscriminate though.
Even just 20 mins. light sleep/rest helps me defrag after cram / before heading to exam.  Upon rising I just skim material for revision - just to retrace the structure of the data chunks already crammed into memory wetware.  Without sleep, I would skip revision and just get as far as I can.

When I'm out, I'm out. I am a very heavy sleeper. It's unfortunate, because I am going to be dragging some serious ass, but I'd rather be dragging ass and taking the final rather than sleeping through it.
I thought it was fiction, then it turned out to be fact.  Then, it turned out to be fiction again.


Here you go.


It is clear that you are suffering from severe paranoia, quite possibly brought on by the dildo dance party going on inside of your noggin, brought on by the athetits.

That is my completely unprofessional professional opinion. If you would like more information, please stop being so nosy.

Dude, I got pull-start vibrators up in that bitch.

In your nose? Are you sure you aren't using my electric toothbrush? Cause I would have to do something fairly awful if it was. Probably buy a new one, and those things aren't cheap.
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