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Good to hear.

Fucked up my lower back when sitting up from lateral raises today. Pain. Ouch.

Gary has told me Sunday instead of today, because if I do shit right now, I'm gonna get hurt.  So my schedule is now dildos.

How does  your schedule look? And dildos is a good thing, right?

Going to the gym in about 20 minutes.  Gary and I have agreed that Friday is lower body day from now on.
Wow, congrats! She's already mastered the "Yeah, so what?" expression. :P

I think that's the "I'm cold out here, must formulate plan to get back to base" look.

And thanks.
That baby looks nothing like Churchill.  I'd get your niece to demand her money back.

I think the baby and I are in agreement that the whole thing was a bad idea.

Also, Churchill is stage 2.  For about a week and a half, they resemble lizards of some sort.  THEN Churchill.
I get more depressed every time this thread gets a reply.
Good to hear.

Fucked up my lower back when sitting up from lateral raises today. Pain. Ouch.

Gary has told me Sunday instead of today, because if I do shit right now, I'm gonna get hurt.  So my schedule is now dildos.

How does  your schedule look? And dildos is a good thing, right?
Literate Chaotic / Re: Favorite Song Lyrics/Poetry
« Last post by BadBeast on Today at 01:15:54 pm »
Here's a couple from my favourite post modernist Poet Bob Calvert. Similar I suupose, to Adrian Henri, less bleak perhaps, but with a rare flow, seemingly very loose and freestyle, but deceptively, it's as precise as Iambic pentameter. Enjoy.

Wage War

I would see the city as a mutant among the wonders of the world.
It's chimneys polluting the air.
Its roots poisoning the earth.
It's tentacles setting one man against another
and strangling them both in their hopeless contest.

I would map the cities' highways and tunnels and bridges,
its subways and canals, its neighbourhoods adorned by beautiful homes
filled with priceless objects, rare libraries, and fine rooms.

Its clever networks of pipes and cables and wires under the streets.
Its Police departments and communication stations.
Its hospitals, churches, and temples.
Its administrative buildings crowded with overworked computers,
telephones, and servile clerks.

Then I would wage war against this city as if it were a living body. I would welcome the night - sister of my skin, cousin of my shadow, and have her shelter me and help me in my battle.

I would lift the steel lids from the brothers and drop explosives to the black factories
and then I would run away and hide, waiting for the thunder which would trap, in mute telephone wires,
millions of unheard words.
Which would darken rooms full of white light and fearful people.

I would wait for the midnight storm which whips the streets and blurs all shapes
and I would hold my knife against the back of a doorman,
yawning in his gold braided uniform, and force him to lead me upstairs
where I would plunge my knife into his body.

I would visit the rich, and the comfortable, and the un-aware,
and their last screams would suffocate in their ornate curtains,
or tapestries and priceless carpets.
Their dead bodies pinned down by broken statues
would be gazed upon by slashed family portraits.

Then I would run to the highways and speedways that surge forward towards the city.
I would have with me bags full of bent nails to empty on the asphalt.
I would wait for the dawn to see cars, trucks, buses
approaching at great speed and hear the bursting of their tyres,
the screech of their wheels, the thunder of their steel bodies
suddenly growing weak as they crash into each other,
like wine glasses pushed off a table.

And in the morning I would go to sleep,
smiling in the face of the day,
the brother of my enemy.

It's the last three lines that really make this piece for me. ^^

And . . . .

Frog God

On a hard night of rain the road was full
Of glaring eyes alive in the headlights.
I thought of demons as I slowed.
Winding the window down, I saw them all
Blindly staring; rows of frogs with their throats
Fizzling song. The green digits glowed
Like ghosts on the dashboard; the cassette played

A Bartok string quartet. I turned it down
And heard the rain`s deep drum on the bonnet.
The wipers were on slow and ticked
Like an instrument payload on the moon.
These bags of bone are scaled lemmings, when it
Rains like this you find they have treked
Into the headlights´ tunnel and are blocked

Up inside their falling walls of brightness.
Not long before they were pupils gazing
From the complex vision of spawn -
Now, in all this dark and rain, they are eyes
Again: targets threaded out on a string
To face a double - barreled dawn.
I wondered how many my wheels had mown

As I got out of the car, taking care
Not to tread on any of these soft buddhas.
I herded them back to the mud -
To who on earth knows what jaws lurking there,
Then, with the feeling perhaps a god has,
Knowing his motives to be good,
I got back in the car and hit the road.

He died of a heart attack in 1988, but last year, his son published a whole load of previously unreleased material, so if you likie him, more can be found here.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Oh, Oregon!
« Last post by Regret on Today at 12:09:08 pm »
We have some big worms here.
The Oregon giant earthworm is one of North America’s largest worm species, reaching up to 1.32 m (4.3 ft.) in length. It is known from 15 sites in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and one site in the Oregon Coast Range. Like Oregon’s other indigenous worms, this species has a narrow range of tolerance for soil conditions, favoring fine textured soils rich in clay (Fender 1995); it is generally associated with deep, little disturbed soils in moist mixed forest of Douglas firs, grand firs, and bigleaf maples (Wells et al. 1983). Habitat loss and the establishment of introduced earthworms are currently identified as the two major threats to this species (Fender 2009, pers. comm). Note, however, that the status and threats of this species cannot be fully assessed until an effective survey protocol is developed and tested (Rosenberg 2009, pers. comm.).
Seriously? that is huge.
The earthworms near Chernobyl weren't that big after several decades of mutating!
I can't help but disagree with parts of the BIP interpretation.
I'm not sure why, but it seems too constricting. there seem to be too many "rules" for me. .

Right, you're out of the club.

Incidentally, there is nothing to be gained by throwing your morals out.  There's a lot to lose, though.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Strange Comics for Strange People
« Last post by BadBeast on Today at 11:32:51 am »
Thank me later:

eta- NSFW
Fucking appalling. I don't think I've ever seen such a blatantly perverse and twisted portrayal of a Teddy Bear. Pedobear has nothing on this monstrosity. I loved it. 
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