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On account of the shit-talking and general hissy fits of the partisans of Sanders & Clinton.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Bartkira
« Last post by Cuddlefish on Today at 11:08:58 pm »
It also has one of the best soundtracks ever.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Bartkira
« Last post by Cuddlefish on Today at 11:07:23 pm »
I saw this a little while ago, it's pretty cool. I'm not the biggest Simpson's fan, but Akira is on my top ten best sci-fi stories three times.
I like this. This is a thing that I like.

I'm glad you like it. The band itself is 14 years old, which is like seven times the average life-expectancy of a hardcore/punk band. It's cool to know that people still dig it.
I would suggest we rename this thread "shitposter fly trap" but then it might not work.

 :lulz: It's kind of amazing.
Or Kill Me / Re: I don't exist
« Last post by Mesozoic Mister Nigel on Today at 10:40:04 pm »
I find that solopsism and nihilism are the best possible Fallout Boy song material that you can trip across.

Or Kill Me / Re: I don't exist
« Last post by Mesozoic Mister Nigel on Today at 10:39:13 pm »
I don't like these new people

Atleast my shitposting is either drunk, high, or ironic.

For reasons I have never been able to figure out, I actually like you. It's probably because you're not a Libertarian.
Our Discordia is WRONG. His Discordia is RIGHT. The only way we can Discordia RIGHT is by doing it JUST LIKE HIM. 23pinealfnordflaxlol
1.  That may have been true in 2004. 
That may have been when he formed the opinion. I didn't even necessarily believe it. It didn't matter. The very existence of a forum where people sit and distill their thoughts on Discordianism together until they agree is pretty Anti-Discordian. It's a pretty good joke, indeed. Like a fly trap. I can imagine the site admin's reaction upon hearing requests for a forum and wondering how serious they were. All it needs now is an FAQ and a list of rules.
2.  You should learn to look for yourself.
You're talking to a guy who will go out and buy wood and screws and build my own computer desk with very little woodworking experience and leave it raw and unsanded, just to accommodate the room that it's sitting in, the chair that is sitting in front of it, and the surround sound system that is mounted to it.
I'm a simple man who values utility over aesthetics. You don't really learn much living your life by the instruction manual. Everything will turn out alright in the long run, and if it doesn't, consider that a lesson learned.
3.  You should have said you were a teabagger.  It would have made all of this so much easier.  And shorter.
Life is the universe's latest innovation in entropic technology. We're here to help the universe commit suicide. Everything that happens was never going to happen any other way. The only way we will fail is to destroy ourselves. Politics is like a really intense, endless game of Dungeons and Dragons, and it's a pretty amusing analogy when identifying creatures and items. I identify as a Chaotic Neutral Cleric, with no weapons... I'll make sure to include that in my manifesto.

We're Disordianing wrong.   :lulz:

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