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Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« Last post by The Wizard Joseph on Today at 04:54:54 pm »
Humanity's a self-correcting problem.
RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« Last post by Cramulus on Today at 03:29:30 pm »
Yeah it just seems like a bad photocopy of previous mass effect titles. It's still a good game. I got like 50% of the way through it, then had a momentary impulse to play some Bloodborne, and, whelp... Now I'm re-beating Bloodborne. It's not that I wasn't enjoying myself. But it also wasn't really hooking me in. And blooborne fucking rules.

ME: Andromeda seemed like... you can really tell the original team isn't there and the new team didn't bring anything fresh to the table. All they can really do is repackage the original cool ideas.

My top criticism is that it feels very unimaginative, which sucks for a series that I felt was very creative and unique. It also feels like one of these "big studio" games, where every part of the game was designed by a different sub-team, but they aren't coordinated real well.

Like, the whole premise is that you're exploring another galaxy. So this should be cool! Mass effect always has these really interesting aliens, and these ones are from so far away from us that we're gonna be in fresh territory. But, it doesn't FEEL like a new galaxy, it feels like another milky way, if that makes sense? But with less politics, less stuff going on in general.

And oh yeah, what's the deal with how they set up this whole Neil Armstrong moment of being the first explorers of a new galaxy.. and then you find out that milky-way people have actually already been here for over a year. They already littered the whole galaxy with ammo dumps and half-built structures and documented everything. Not only are you not the first ones here, but people have had time to build bases and rebel against each other and split into subfactions...

Regarding the aliens... I can accept the Mass Effect premise that evolution has these "convergence points", some traits are just the "best way of evolving", so we get a galaxy full of bipedals with faces, hands, etc... Sure, that makes sense because you want the aliens to be relate-able.

But somehow.. I was hoping for more stuff like the Elcorr or the Hanharr. Instead, the new galaxy just has different flavors of angarans, which feel basically like space humans? It kinda bothered me that they don't really seem alien at all. Sure there are a few unique features to them, and they look cool, but do they seem "alien"? Nahhh

Also, the Remnants... it just feels kinda like the Protheans.. cruising around the galaxy looking for the super-race that existed here long ago. It's almost like I already did this for three games.

Also, the Kett... so they (((((((SPOILER WARNING))))))) basically do the exact same thing as the Collectors? Capture people and convert them? Seems like something I already dealt with for two games.

Also, as soon as they revealed the kett general, I was struck how this seems like the exact same structure as Dragon Age Inquisition. First you deal with mysterious butthole-faced creatures that want to kill you, you fortify your base(s), then they reveal the big bad, then he taunts you for two or three acts, then you confront him... it just feels like a copy and paste. I mean I get that a lot of RPGs use that structure, but it just feels SO SIMILAR to the plot beats of DA:I...

and the party members are pretty mediocre

and the dialog is far less branched... if you replay the same scene and select different dialog options, the NPCs usually say the exact same things.

and there is no alignment axis like paragon/renegade... but I guess that's okay since it's not like you really make any significant choices, at least in the half of the game I've played.

and oh yeah - and this criticism might not be so much targeted at ME:A but a statement about a lot of games coming out in the last few years... But the 'sandbox' fad is also getting a bit threadbare. Don't get me wrong, I like sandboxes, I like freedom. Games like skyrim have so much replayability because there is so much jammed into that sandbox just waiting for you to discover.

But the way most developers approach the "sandbox" is to create these wide open maps and then dump like 100 little quest icons into it. All of them are light little encounters, a single bite of gameplay.

The consequence of this design is that most of the gameplay gets sucked into this discovery loop. You're tediously clearing every icon from a region, one by one. When set up this way, it *doesn't* feel like exploration. It feels like just going through a check list in a nonlinear order.

I will come back and finish it, but it felt really meh to me. Meh Effect: Andromehda.
Any time I hear anyone extolling the virtues of nature and how wondrous biology is, I make a point of explaining to them that no it isn't. Biology is the most half arsed, shonky crock of shit platform the world has ever witnessed. It's over complicated, unreliable bullshit, with pretty much every single function achieved in the stupidest way imaginable.

My plan is to replace every dumb part of this piece of shit vehicle with something that actually works at earliest available opportunity. If nothing becomes available then cascade systemic failure is well underway. Another 10 years max and I'll be checking the fuck out. :argh!:
Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?
« Last post by Cain on Today at 01:52:35 pm »

ISIS have claimed the attack...but their account is at odds with what the police have said.  It is possible that the police held back infomation, to allow them to sort real claims from the cranks.  And ISIS usually don't claim attacks without some evidence...
I had to check and make sure this wasn't Bonnaroo Manchester. Good God, if it had been I probably would have been woken up by the sounds of guns, barking dogs, and the hoots of local vigilante gangs.
That is the most worrying thing, the grandstanding boring old "Hard line against terrorism" that is now obligatory to trot out, is time consuming, it takes effort. I'm more scared of the outcome of a chaotic negotiation process, then in any terror attack.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?
« Last post by Xaz on Today at 09:39:55 am »
So apparently May took a bit of a beating on the Andrew Marr show. I didn't watch it but maybe i'll try and catch up this evening.

News of course overshadowed by the bombing. I wonder if that's gonna give a boost to the Tories. Not exactly coming off as strong or stable right now.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: UK General Election 8th June: Shake it all about?
« Last post by Cain on Today at 07:47:10 am »
No claims as of yet...Islamic State supporters are trolling on the usual channels, of course, but IS supporters are going to do that.
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