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my IBS hates house hunting :s
Viewing was awful. "flat" was NYC tiny, and just as expensive. an end of terrace old 2 up, 2 down with extension divided into 4 "flats"

there's a 2 bedroom place 4 doors up my street going for £565 and is 15 quid more than the tiny "flat" but both my parental units are retired and are useless as guarantors.

My Lesbian Pet Javelina Got Ebola and Married Richard Nixon in Syria - One Industrial Rapists Horror Story.
Im extremely dissapointed with pd and its content, talking about lesbians that like dick, how to cook diseased javelinas without getting aids and ebola, loons that want to rape, industrial accidents, syria, and the only thing i ever wanted was to learn Nixon style ballet and some sculpting.
If Salon paid me for the article, I'd gladly ruminate on my sexual identity for 800 words or so, even though I don't care and I doubt anyone else does either.

Good point.
If Salon paid me for the article, I'd gladly ruminate on my sexual identity for 800 words or so, even though I don't care and I doubt anyone else does either.
Sadly, my ancient Mac doesn't seem to want to play that.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
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I'm envious.
One of my friends was a complete "gold star" (never slept with men) lesbian until last year. Then she hooked up with Joey and redefined her sexuality as pansexual.

I'm wondering, tho, if her brief attraction and sex with one dude (if the relationship with Joey didn't last long) and she is still mostly attracted to women would she lose her "lesbian" card forever?

I don't think one relationship in a history of only being with women, if it was a short one, would take away from that.

it's a moot point for Jess but "lesbian" was a massive part of her identity up until very recently. (She also realised she'd been dating genderqueer and trans dudes also- hence the "Oh, wait, I'm pan"

Luckily in my social group no one gave her shit for "going to the dark side" as most of us are pan or bi. the straight and gay people are in the minority.

I'm old enough that I feel I have the luxury of just saying "fuck your labels, I do what I want". I'm not pansexual, I'm neither straight nor lesbian, I don't identify as bi, and basically fuck it, it's none of anybody's business anyway. I'm much more interesting than who, how, or what I fuck.
I turned 46 today.   :sad:

Happy birthday sir. You're like the 4th or 5th Scorpio I'm acquainted with or better that has the 31 or Nov. 1 as a birthday. If you would like I could do a solar chart interpretation for you. I won't even look it up without your consent tho. Whatever one's ontological position on astrology it is still firmly in the 'none of your beeswax' category as far as I am concerned.

Hope birthday goes awesome!

No thanks.  There's enough bullshit floating around without us making more.

Besides, I'm a Holy Man™.  I already know the future.

Alrighty. Then perhaps you can instead impart to me some Holy wisdom. What general advice would you give a man more than a decade your junior as he stumbles about on this madhouse of a planet?

Take good care of your teeth.

That is pretty much the best fucking advice ever.

A lot of people don't go to the dentist for years and years because they think they can't afford to get anything fixed, but the reality is that it's worth paying the $50 or so out of pocket every year for a good cleaning, because even if you have cavities that you can't get fixed, the cleaning and decent in-between care can help prevent them from getting worse, and prevent gum disease from forming, and a host of other issues.

In other words, it's smart to brush and floss every day, and get your teeth cleaned annually, even if you can't afford X-rays or fillings. Because what really sucks is being in your 40's and starting to lose teeth.
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