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Holy crap! They will definitely be looking to drop the axe over blame for the liability alone, not to mention morally. Seems upheaval at work is "currently trending" in the stars or something.
I know how it feels to lose grasp on what I thought was going to be The Future sir.
Every ideal breaks down when exposed to humans long enough. With bipolar disorder I often get the emotional ride without rational context. My only comfort has become that it will pass. Things will change. Change and adaptation are in some ways the often ungentle mercy of God to me, the essence of survival. And so hell is the point where there can no longer be change of any kind.

A 15-year-old boy was fatally stabbed in north London when three men attacked him while he was cycling with friends.

A murder inquiry started after Alan Cartwright from Islington was knifed near Copenhagen Street in the borough, at about 19:30 GMT on Friday.

The teenager managed to cycle away but collapsed on nearby Caledonian Road and was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is understood Alan had been cycling north on Caledonian Road when his friends were approached by three men walking in the opposite direction, close to the junction with Copenhagen Street, Scotland Yard said.

Alan was stabbed once and two bikes were stolen from the group before the suspects fled from the scene travelling south down Caledonian Road, the force added.

The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics from London Ambulance Service.
Literate Chaotic / Fanfics of the other kind.
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"It's a pile of shit, but it has some good stuff in it." -lauren faust.
This is just a collection of MLP fanfics I like. Partly doing this to remember them so they don't fade into non existent because I am one of a few hundred people who are their last link to existence.
Also because once you get over the memes and the "omg poniezzz killzzz itt" autism they're pretty nice, and since they are person made they don't have any boundaries they can't cross, the authors are only restricted by the power of their writing and grammar (some are better than others.)

quick thing though if you intend to poke at them, Anon is the green guy who is just a self insert character. All of it's written in second person, and if you're autistic enough to care about poni then just imagine them as humans.

Blood anon, princess twilot spurgle botches a spell and ends up infusing anon into her blood. Like crona from soul eater.

Obsessive Octavia, musical donkey gets incredibly yandere for green man and shit goes bonkers.

yandere derpy, unconditional love is fucking scary.

spaghetti sparkle, NEETs are fucking terrifying.

The walk home, why helping bully victims always results in sex, or something.

luna's Anon, from cute slice of life lovey dovey to fucking  tear jerking.

Anon is death, cute little comedies about a green guy reaping the souls of multi colored ponies.

There's other I've read over the years, but like I said, if I can't remember them then chances are the 100 other anons who read them can't and the author probably has deleted them by now.
Hah, yeah.  Neither my co-worker nor I are complete dummies.  In fact, the minute he was out the door, we were like "did you just hear that correctly?"  After agreeing we did, it was a case of "backup everything!".  We also have two other members of staff here as witnesses (they're unionised and not inclined to take bullshit from management), and we can also always play the "20 hour working day" card to drop them in the shit with HR even more. 

Maybe everything will pan out.  Maybe this guy is legit.  But he should have never been let in without confirmation of payment, and he definitely should not have been put where he is.  There are many clusters with our 21+, adult students - some of whom are in their 30s.  Why wasn't he put in those?  Security at this place is a joke as it is (I'm actually going to see if I can wrangle money out from senior management for a full security assessment - we've had an armed robbery, a murder of a teenager and an attempted rape in the space of last month, and this building has basically no security beyond the house parents who - surprise - are not trained and licenced SIA personnel), but giving a stranger the keys to the building and a reason to be living on the same floor as teenage girls....I'm not taking the fall for this, if it comes to that.  No way.
I've always been fond of ECH's line.

"Militant Agnosticism."

Hold up a gold painted pinapple grenade as soon as the doors close and you're moving. "You got 5 seconds to make peace with the cosmos pal."

Pull pin and drop. Grin like a ninny at the elevator ceiling and put your hands out like you're receiving the Spirit of God. Let them panic until the door opens. Pick up grenade and casually walk out like nothing happened.
 Argue religious rights to the court during the inevitable hearing.
I've always been fond of ECH's line.

"Militant Agnosticism."
it is simultaneously a joke disguised as a religion and a religion disguised as a joke
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