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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« Last post by a somewhat wiser Joe. on Today at 02:42:51 pm »
You know enough small attacks, bumbled or not, may be a sort of victory propaganda wise. And if there's enough to be a genuine threat by saturation may prove strategically effective.

Think 'ice bucket challenge' for expendable fanatics.  Don't plan for effect, just activate and attack quite randomly.  I hope this isn't the start of a new trend for the holidays.
"If I don't fuck the 20-odd year old activist, the terrorists win"

Yeah I count my blessings too and at the end of the day they stack up pretty high. It helps to be focused on the positive pretty much no matter how things are laid out. I got no major debts, stable work, very good friends and fam. I live in peace and plenty with much to learn.  I have leisure time. I feel a good day at work coming on.  :)

Good luck with the things Nigel!
Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« Last post by Junkenstein on Today at 02:17:12 pm »
We now return to your regular schedule of HAHAHAHAIIEEEE.

Rapidly approaching the point where we need an "Unlimited acts of minor terror" Thread:

olice in New York are investigating whether a man who attacked two officers with an axe before being shot dead was linked to Islamist extremism.

One officer was being treated for a serious head wound after the attack on Thursday in the Queens borough.

Commissioner William Bratton said police were trying to establish a motive but did not rule out terrorism.

US media indentified the attacker as Zale Thompson, 32, but this has not been confirmed by police.

The SITE monitoring group said he had posted statements on YouTube and Facebook that "display a hyper-racial focus in both religious and historical contexts, and ultimately hint at his extremist leanings".

SITE, which monitors radical Islamist groups, said a post by him in September had described jihad as "a justifiable response to the oppression of the Zionists and the Crusaders".

After the attack, which took place on Thursday afternoon, Mr Bratton was asked whether it could be terror related.

"This early on, we really cannot say yes or no to that question," he said.

Yet another one. I hate to point at co-incidences and suggest something potentially wrong, but that's at least 3 this week of a similar level and nature. I'd say that's getting quickly to the point where you can rule out co-incidence and start considering control.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« Last post by a somewhat wiser Joe. on Today at 02:14:50 pm »
Another cool theing for me is that this is an ex-NFL player.  I mean, sure, he was a punter, but still.
All things considered, I have it pretty good. I'm poor, but I live in a nice neighborhood and I haven't lost my house. I have a scholarship and live in a state with socialized health care that covers my kids, plus I'm on the university health plan, which my scholarship pays for. Not to mention that I have travel opportunities through school that I would never have otherwise.
Gaming is part of who I am, I can promise you that.

Thus, when I see an article titled “Gamers are dead,” referring to the death of the popular trope of a pasty young man in a dimly lit room, it fills me with joy, because it means WE FUCKING WON. So many people are playing games now that they are popular culture. They are not going away. All sorts of cool things, that I like, are now things that a whole bunch of other people like! There’s enough space now for people to make games that are strange and disturbing and maybe highlight a different perspective of the world, because gaming is no longer a niche activity, it’s something that everybody does. There is room for art in video games. That’s awesome!

You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills who think an article claiming “Gamers are dead” is something bad? Fuck me sideways with a sandblaster.

It’s like all you can do is look at this collection of words, scratch yourself uneasily, and then run off to look for grubs. Your reaction (and I am not making this up, because it’s been widely documented literally everywhere) to various articles proclaiming the death of the basement-dwelling, cheetos-huffing, poopsock-sniffing douchepistol, because games are so good now that they are common entertainment and thus everyone plays them, was to COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT by either:

a) Making misogynistic threats against a wide variety of female game developers and critics because somehow they’re going to keep games you enjoy from ever being made again


b) Being stupid enough to get sucked in by people busy making misogynistic threats against a wide variety of female game developers and critics, and supporting their idiotic crusade for the dumbing down of everyone everywhere ever.


I think I love this guy. And I love him even more for this:

Note: Several of you pointed out a glaring factual inconsistency in my piece. The original text said Kevin Spacey was a U.S. Senator, rather than a Representative, in the TV show House of Cards. Many apologies.

It is a potent skill indeed, to be able to craft a sincerely-worded retraction that loaded with the subtext "I can't believe somebody went to the effort of emailing me about something this trivial".
I hate being poor too, but my shit could be far worse.
About a month+ ago I got me some nasty respiratory virus. Could not breathe and was getting faint on the job so I used some PTO to go to the urgent care walk in. 3 hrs and a week and a half's pay later I got an albuteral inhaler and a scrip for more.  Very glad I told the MD that I had no need for a chest xray to 'confirm it wasn't pneumonia'.

He looked at me like an alien for telling him why I was sure. Must have been the laundry uniform and total lack of fear or deference to his medical opinion now that I knew I didn't have a fever and the inhaler had got me oxygen to the brain.
An X Ray would have tacked on several hundreds more.  This with THEIR insurance.

Worst part is I know well what it's like to not have any of the above advantages like the PTO. the vast majority of the extra overtime I've been pulling down and burning out on went to this one bill.
It does beat total destitution. I like the Stoic approach to suffering.
So, I think I can credibly claim to have the most interesting lecturer for my counter-terrorism course.

I didn't actually realise he was that Bob Lambert until I was doing some related reading last night.

Holy shit

Having a KID while you're undercover is... um, kinda fucked up.

Oh yeah, for sure.

The best part is, he's not the only one.  There seems to have been a whole procession of undercover officers from the Metropolitan police Special Branch whose careers revolved around infiltrating environmental movements and having sex with female activists.  That's why I didn't initially realise my professor was one of them - there have been a lot more recent cases of a very similar kind, with younger officers.

Its almost like the eco-terrorism beat exists almost purely for bored police officers to get laid while claiming to protect the country from dangerous criminals.

"I had to sleep with that young activist regularly for the last four years, honey... I was ordered to, for National Security!"
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