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Oh yeah, that wouldn't give Suu an embolism, at all.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« Last post by Cain on Yesterday at 05:44:00 pm »
Incidentally, there was a YouGov poll the other day asking who you'd prefer to seize power in the event the UK underwent a "significant period of political instability and turbulence".

The Queen, Parliament and the military were all options. 

YouGov is owned by Stephan Shakespeare.  Look him up, for fun.
It's fun.  You can sit in an office for 12 and 1/2 hours a day, and look at paperwork filled in by people who think formatting, punctuation and spelling are optional extras.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« Last post by Cain on Yesterday at 05:38:23 pm »
So, "National Democracy" is the new word.

It worked out super well for the Poles.

Try "The Scottish government", though the "devolved parliaments" may be more accurate. Cain?

In other news, I'm having the giggles again. IF boris stays out, the likely winners are either Gove (Hilteresque) and May (Thatcher 2:Austerity boogaloo). Either way somewhere is getting the fuck bombed out of it within 6 months of the choice being made. I'm relatively certain that the US will have an urge shortly too with a new president. What better way to demonstrate your relevance to the world? Trump could go after anywhere, Clinton will probably look at the middle east, because fuck it, why not?

So the question for me is where is the next war happening? What will the UK soon give a fuck about to turn on the meat grinder again? ISIS would be an obvious pick, but there's still those 200 odd missing girls in Africa. That would be a quick way to play the "NOT RACIST" card. I can't see troops heading anywhere that would actually result in some stability so expect migration from fucked places to continue and possibly accelerate. Somewhere is getting bombed to fuck this time next year because of all this fuckery and posturing now, I can see it coming I just don't know where.

As always, taking bets now. Good odds on everywhere apart from anywhere Cain guesses.

"Regional governments" would be another possibility.

With regards to military action, I'm not even sure we can afford it.

As you may know, I gave some evidence to Parliament about Force 2020, the five year plan for the military?  Well that meant doing research on the existing state of the military and quite frankly, it's shocking.

Now, this isn't just the blame of the Tory government, though they do deserve a significant portion of it.

Essentially, we spent the best part of a decade shoving UK troops in whatever firefight we saw fit.  After downsizing at the end of the Cold War.  So, supplies have run down.  We've also seen the biggest boom in the private military and arms sector over the same period, meaning more soldiers are going in, doing their 5 years of service and getting out.

So, after a decade of that, we then cut all military spending.  Meaning we used up most of our stocks, but then didn't allocate the money to upkeep and replacement.  We've been running on fumes the last couple of years, just to convince people we still actually exist, but that's just exacerbated the problem.  Without significant military spending, the UK is not in a good place at all.  And that means taxes going up, more government spending...basically two things the Tories hate and will never do.

The military brass are almost as pissed off as the police right about now, and when you consider the officer corps' natural political inclinations, that is pretty impressive.

So I watched a couple of youtube clips a while back, that explained what learning algorithms are up to well enough for my brain to take in but, for anyone who's still trying to wrap their heads around it, the first half of this ted talk does a pretty good job of summing it up.
Our head is after pissing off some UKIP Scottland guy:

After a crunch EU summit in Brussels, Mr Kenny confirmed he had passed on the view of Nicola Sturgeon’s Sottish National Party (SNP) that “Scotland had a very strong belief that they should not be dragged out of the European Union having voted to stay”.

Scottish Ukip MEP David Coburn said Mr Kenny had acted as a “gofer” for the SNP and said he would be “better off ensuring the prosperity and democratic self-governance of the Irish people”.
“Instead of acting as a trouble-making messenger boy for the SNP, Enda Kenny would be better off explaining to Ms Sturgeon that national democracy and EU membership are incompatible.”

So, "National Democracy" is the new word.
Speaking on the job front, I already lost my first grown-up job without being fully hired.  :horrormirth:

The project did not have the funding for the museum archivist they wanted to hire, so the position got dumped. They're still hiring a project archivist, but they want someone with a Masters of Library Science and some ungodly amount of experience with archiving and digitizing, in addition to an ungodly amount of practiced library shit in order to create the archival system,  which I do not have, because that's not my degree. My job was going to be condition reports, scanning, re-archiving in acid-free paper, and basically making sure that the librarian doesn't ruin 100 year old photos and plates. It's not that I don't trust a librarian with artifacts, because they typically have comparable training, it's that they're going to give this poor schmuck a massive workload. But, such is the world of museums: you can't do jack shit without money. "It's gotta get done, but we don't have the grants to get it done properly."

I'll just go work with Cain, too.

A week or so, my boss tells me I'm off probation, with the official letter due today.  Last Thursday, he demands - based on one janitor's (Debra) griping - that I fire the lady I just hired out of the kitchen (Tonya).  There's old HR stuff there, and so he wants me to fire her so he isn't The Guy in a labor board/legal issue.  Roger didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday and I don't find myself inclined to fire a single mother of three because Debra had a feud with Tonya's mother (who died YEARS ago), so I decline to fire her.  (There are no grounds to fire her except that her change of jobs restarted her probationary period, even though she's been there for 7 years, and you can fire someone on probation for any reason or no reason at all.)

So today, my paperwork says my probation is being extended until October 31st.  which just happens to be the last day of the fiscal year.  Nobody before has had their probation extended (they have either been let go or taken off of probation), and in my 20 years of doing this kind of work, I have never seen any one survive an extended probation.

1.  My career is toast.  May as well just accept it.
2.  Because of that, the promotion I was arranging for Debra based on her seniority isn't going to happen, because I now very tragically lack the juice to make it happen.
3.  There will be butthurt about that, and about a whole lot more.
4.  Looking for a new job, while I still have this one (which all depends on how long it takes for the boss to "suggest" getting rid of Tonya again, whereupon I will refuse and then my probation will end as I am found to be unsuitable for the job anyway.)

This all sucks, because I love the place, but I can't work for a weasel.

What in the seven levels of fuckery is this shitmongering? That place is so....YOU. I wish petty bullshit had no place at work, but it's where it breeds the most. I'm assuming Arizona is a right to work state as well.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Only Answer
« Last post by Fernando Poo on Yesterday at 04:11:39 pm »
I've been kicking around some ideas in my head, and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
Moving back to Boulder. All that's left to do is decide the day. Tentatively next weekend, but work may change that for a trip up to Richmond before i go.

Looking forward to winter again. Especially the mountains - will be doing the Epic Local pass this year, mostly for Beaver Creek.
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