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Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: ABSOLUTE CHAOS
« Last post by LMNO on Today at 01:44:37 am »
And there you have it: Utopia starts in the greater Tucson area.

Whooda thunk?
I got the plant.

Or Kill Me / Re: You're not conscious
« Last post by PoFP on Yesterday at 06:20:08 pm »
Also, I kinda see the esoteric language as a good way of developing the metaphors necessary to teach the consciousness/mindfulness training. If you wanted to teach these concepts to someone who wasn't involved in neuroscience, and you wanted to connect it to something unrelated to neuroscience in particular, you'd probably wanna use the esoteric language.
Or Kill Me / Re: You're not conscious
« Last post by PoFP on Yesterday at 06:00:48 pm »

It still seems an awful lot like this is simply examining well-known concepts using an alternative vocabulary and a packaging of mysticism to make it look and feel like something different. This is the same objection I have to almost every form of mysticism I have encountered; occultism, occlusion, is employed to make it seem like a novel system when in fact it is not. I wonder at times what you might find if you took a year and seriously studied psychology and neuroscience. Maybe you're right, though, and those aren't the insights you're looking for.

This is the motorcycle I've been sitting on since the beginning of this thread.

However, I think the two ways of looking at these concepts can be balanced for the greater good. I think it's important to be able to connect the complex, high-level (As in, stored in multiple layers of abstraction) concepts in the esoteric understanding to the biological, reductionist concepts, because after a certain point, it becomes next to impossible to keep track of all the biological, chemical details. Sometimes the higher-order concepts in the esoteric perspective allow you to tackle multiple things at once because of the complexity of the neural network connections that are made in understanding these higher-order concepts.

I would connect this to what Vex was talking about in regard to mindfulness during expression of creativity. Intellectual understanding of what you want to do to set the stage, or the direction of your expression is important. But after that, the rest should be left to intuition. If you're driving along a curve on the road, it's best to look ahead at the end of the curve segment you're on. If you stare right at the road in the front of the car, you'll probably swerve back and forth between the lines. Whereas, if you stare ahead at the end of the curve, where you want the car to be, your brain will automatically calculate the movements necessary to steadily drive in between the lines along the curve. You'll practically drive the exact shape of the curve without touching the lines. (This was all obvious/previously stated, but it was intended to portray thought process and detail the connection I'm making. I'm not trying to be a pretentious prick.)

I think the problem Cramulus is trying to tackle, in regards to balancing emotion, physical needs, and intellect, might be best tackled by complex, semantically-based intuition. The mindfulness - the intentional, semantic, conscious awareness of one's tendencies in different states of mind and body should automatically connect neural networks in the prefrontal cortex related to decision making and consequences to those mind-body states. Once those connections are made, goal/consequence oriented behavioral psychology should take over. Ideally, the curiosity and act itself will eventually solve his problems, regardless of whether he understands it on a biological level. The complex semantic relationship between the esoteric ideas and the neural networks can allow an abstracted understanding to have real, intended consequences, even if they're not understood.

Not that I don't completely encourage having the biological/neurological understanding of all of this. It's a very important perspective to have in solving many problems. And it's also important to have if you want to explain the success of the thread's intention to someone who is not geared toward esoteric ideas. I just don't know if its absolutely necessary to solve the problem Cramulus is focusing on.
A little quiet so make sure your speakers are up.

Why is it that when someone who usually has very little authority gets to be the boss of a situation, no matter how small or fleeting​, they magically transform into a little Napoleon? I have encountered two such people in the last week and it annoyed me more than I expected it to.
And again, I did something stupid and checked the current moderators list for redpill - guess who's not there anymore and guess whats notably not being discussed there?

Junkie - Shitting up his browser and search history so yours can stay clean(ish).

You know I'm just gonna waste it surfing Petro Poroshenko porn.
Data problem fixed.

Root cause of failure:  Autocorrect.  Not even joking.

It sounded like a fun one. I was trying to figure out how you could disentangle the data in the shower earlier, like if the two data sets were dissimilar enough you could use upper and lower boundings or if it was periodic time series and both were out of sync could isolate them that way.

What we did was go though every single field, one at a time, checking where the data was being taken.

Two "gas meters" were actually pressure transducers ("Heat a massive building for $16 a month with this one simple trick!), and the rest were autofills that entered the location of the last location entered.

All the billable stuff is done.  Next are the water treatment plants and the plant proper.  Shouldn't take more than 4 months.   :lulz:
I'm starting to envy you. I've just had a client ask me, with a straight face, if it is OK for them to break the law. Not even one of those "break the law and take the fine, we save more that way" breaks, a full on "Let's do this thing and all go to jail" breaks.

No. No it is not. And my rates have just increased.

This is the correct answer.  It's really all they understand.
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