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Psssshhht. Just have another drink, everything'll be fine.
GASM Command / Re: IlluminatiGASM
« Last post by Mesozoic Mister Nigel on Today at 04:49:10 am »
Five things:

1. Fear LMNO, he will get the most points.

2. The whole point of this is to make fun of numerologically inclined people! Of course that's why we're doing it! Like I said, do you have any better ideas?

3. Stop arguing about what Discordianism is! It's different for each person, you're the Pope.

4. I don't see what's wrong with it. It's just a joke, after all. Stop being a bunch of serious Greyfaces.

5. Fnord.

Not being interested in an old, stale, and boring joke = "grayfaces"? :lulz:

5 tons of flax 23 fnord lol.
GASM Command / Re: IlluminatiGASM
« Last post by Mesozoic Mister Nigel on Today at 04:46:49 am »
I am always amused when people use weird kabbalistic number combinations with reference to Discordianism, because all the references from Thornley, Hill, and RAW were mocking the idea of numerology.  Numerology is the pattern-seeking primate trying to impose order where there is none (or where said order isn't what it appears to be).  It is a filter by which to NOT see the truth, and an excuse for NOT thinking.

Why do you think they invented that ridiculous fucking calendar?  To get people to stop thinking of dates as mystical. 


I am now of the opinion that at least 90% of those describing themselves as Discordian do so only as a means of seeming like a wacky version of the rugged individualist. They read over the "nonsense" and deemed it worthy to represent their supposed hidden eccentricities to those they don't know very well, and don't intend on getting to know better. Not only do they not think here could be "more" to it, they actively do not want there to be more to it.  They want the wacky, dammit.

Discordianism is the philosophical/religious version of the Che Guevara t-shirt.


This seems like a good place to put the (edited for semi-brevity) conversation that I was JUST HAVING with a friend who has a small but amusing Facebook group:

58 minutes ago

R: Are all discordians completely insensitive assholes?

N: About 90% of them. A ton of people think Discordianism is an excuse to behave like sociopaths or narcissists.
They basically miss the point completely.

R: Sounds about right. There was a cancer post that went awry in AC. Don't want to be a control freak but it upset an IRL friend who is currently fighting and I got a few other PMs

N: Just ban 'em. if they don't know how to behave then fuck 'em

R: <Redacted> He was shocked I knew he was both but it's not that hard to figure out. They're not as smart as they think they are.

N: I think that even the good ones get acclimated to this immature "everything goes" environment that they foster in the groups
It's incredibly adolescent

R: One more and he's out though.. it pisses me off that they make me be all power trippy.

N: If they aren't smart enough to realize they aren't an anarchist playground, I don't see the point in trying to inform them, 99% of the time. I seriously hate that whole "I SO EDGY" thing they do

R: YES! You're not as cool as you think you are.

N: I've been a Discordian for about 20 years, and it was never about this "edgy" bullshit before Myspace assholes found it.

R: Fucking MySpace.

N: It was about doing cool shit in real life, and surprising people in ways that were funny and constructive
Burning Man and the Cacophony Society

R: Wow.. it's severely left the course.

N: Yes it has.

R: Fucking interwebz.

N: They think it's about ANARCHY and NO RULEZ

R: Anonymity gives idiots power.

N: Unfortunately

R: Perceived power

N: It makes the ineffectual feel like they have power

R: This. and so they use it to bully people they perceive as having less power. When in reality they are the truly weak. Boo yow

N: Weak in many ways. It's funny, the online Discordian Society used to be (and IMO still is) this webforum that challenges each other's ideas and puts together great collaborative work. The Facebook Discordians think we're assholes... because people can't just come and be random dicks.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Lovecraft for Squids: Scifi Religion Creation
« Last post by EL MAESTRO! on Today at 04:32:36 am »
Sorry, have to cut in again -- "dark sexuality"?

Apart from Roger, I'm not sure "mind-gibbering voids of infinite terror" is that much of a turn on.

There go my nipples again.
I would actually love to see a sexualized squid lady just for the purposes of the following scene:

our band of heroes has been caught by the bad guys and placed in a jail cell
Adventurer #1: well gents, we seem to have been locked in a windowless cell and the only escape seems to be a small grate with iron bars too thick to fit through. Plans?

Sexy, Graceful Love Interest Squid Lady: Are the spaces between the bars wider than my exotic and shapely beak?

Adventurer#2: They seem to be.
Squid Lady: Excellent! I'll be right back with help, dont you worry! *begins sliding her entire adult form through the bars of the grate, ungulatingly, and with a number of moist sliding noises*

A#2: Fuck, please stop doing that, that's awful!
A#3: Oh sweet merciful Christ, i forget that you don't have bones!"
A#4: *pukes*

-end scene-
Literate Chaotic / Re: Lovecraft for Squids: Scifi Religion Creation
« Last post by EL MAESTRO! on Today at 04:22:08 am »
I actually really like this concept. I've been kinda brewing on an idea similar to this, where its a million or so years after the extinction of humans and several of the smarter animals (pigs, Dolphins, apes, certain birds, elephants and also squids, which are way smarter than i thought at first) "step up" evolution-wise, and the setting would deal with how these different sentient species relate to one another and how those different evolutionary paths affect that relationship. What Would Pig people be like? Do they get along with Dog people? why or why not? How would they see the world differently because the occupy different branches of the evolutionary tree?

I found another.
There are PDFs of several versions around, if you're interested.
GASM Command / Re: IlluminatiGASM
« Last post by Doktor Howl on Today at 12:27:52 am »
I'm out.
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