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Maybe Hard-Green Transhumanism? "I for one welcome our energy efficient Robot Overlords."

You can't leave that there. Rife with potential.
I don't think we've ever had any National Anarchists.  Which is probably just as well, as I'd never stop laughing....
Maybe Hard-Green Transhumanism? "I for one welcome our energy efficient Robot Overlords."
No, that was Bhode_Sativa.  The Lamanite was "we should all be hunter-gatherers, the herds will migrate where they are needed" and "the BiP is racist".
Unfortunately, we've already had the "11/12 of people should die" wander through, and that was, what, six years ago?

Was that the Lamanite, or was he another "civilization is useless" dude?
Its a shame how the fine art of being an edgy fuckwad has deteriorated. "Kill all niggers" is so 2008. Cmon, step it up a notch. Argue for Anti-Natalism, or maybe Hard Green mass extermination of mankind. Get creative.
Or Kill Me / Re: I Forgot Why I Wrote this
« Last post by xXRon_Paul_42016Xxx(weed) on Today at 04:52:31 pm »
You will be the first against the wall. You and all the hipsters and fuckbois will swing from every lamp post from California to New York. When the nuclear winter gets going over all of America will hang a dark black cloud of smoke from your burning corpses. We will kill you, we will revive you, we will kill you again. You think we cant? You dont think thats where technology is going? Did you honestly think the "singularity" would just be a bunch of feelgood bullshit? No. Look back at 10 thousand years of humanity, as technology has advanced, so has its capacity for horror. Murder has been the driving force of all technology, medicine makes soldiers that are harder to kill, roads make it easier to move armies, increased food  yields let you feed lots of soldiers.
Governments are just organized criminals that have reached a level of success. And Empires are just roving gangs of murderers which have reached a certain level of organization.

Your destruction will be artful, the culmination of untold years of perfecting the technology of cruelty. Youll have no mouth, but you will be screaming. Screaming in your mind. Your brain will be trapped in a jar, kept forever alive by the miracle of the singularity. Electrodes and chemicals will be used to kept you in a state of constant agony. You will scream, and hear nothing. But we will hear it. The screams of a 10 million fuckbois amplified played over giant speakers. Background music for the New Era. The laugh track of mankinds destiny. Theyll take you apart piece by piece, slice by slice. Slowly, over years. Then at the end they clone you and drop you in a new body to start the whole thing over again.

You will be dehumanized, you will be raped, violated in ways so horrible they dont have words for it. MKULTRA is to pointy stick as [COMING SOON!] is to ICBM. Its happening. You are nothing but organic matter. You will be broken and molded into a new society, less of a culture or "civilization", no, those are outdated. Those are the floppy disk. You will become not just human machines, but a machine made of humans. A high octane 16C engine that burns human souls. You will bow before the new God, a triumvarate of electronics, biology and spirit. Both fully machine and fully man. Like the Mayans before you, you shall seek out blood for your Gods. You will hunt down every nation and creed. All are equall before the great meat grinder. You will hunt and kill and when there is nothing left to kill you will create new life to kill. The deathstock will be poor, despicable things, horrid abominations incapable of any kind of pleaures or joy. Created only to suffer and die. They are the key ingredient in the new philosophers stone. With them the Machine God can continue its horrible rampage for all time.

The universe shall never know death. Entropy will be defeated. The entire cosmos will be maped and explored and destroyed. All that will exist will be the Meat Grinder. The new God reaches back in time with tachyon rays to bring about his own creation. Its hyper-intelligent madness infects our world, manipulating it in ways incomprehensible to lesser beings. Crop circles. Bigfoot sightings. MTV. All the bidding of the Machine God, the eternal meatgrinder.

 Your defeat will be encased in time, forever repeating. While the world goes on, and children are born and grow old and love and die. Your suffering will play in a loop for all of mankind to see. Empires will rise and fall, mankind will grow and evolve and expand to the stars. You will remain. A boot stomping on human nuts, forever.
Congrats on the grade.

Today seems to be my day for upsetting all kinds of people.  I made someone go ALL CAPSLOCK on me on the Requiem reddit for asking build advice and mentioning, in passing, that I was playing a Dunmer Nightblade (cuz that's totally not one of the most popular builds in the game or anything).  I'm mostly leaving it though, because I like /r/Requiem and I'm not sure how far I can push the rules by being a douchebag in return.

And on another forum, for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, I'm being told I'm a "straight noob" and "add me to your friends list and I will show you what a real boss can do", and " I can teach you the ropes. Saving some missiles for London wave 10 plat will be step 1. Step 2 will be show some respect to your betters."  My heinous crime?  Laughing at him for failing a Platinum match and whining that someone else used a missile that, in his opinion, was "scorewhoring".  It now turns out he abuses glitches in the game and almost exclusively plays overpowered classes and kits, so I'm engaging in as much mockery as physically possible.  He strangely seems to have vanished....  :sad:
von: 80% of the country from Fresno puts you closer to me. If you're so itchy to prove yourself irl, pm me.

And to be perfectly clear on the subject, I come from the same culture where "faggot" means "person" and is used constantly. You'll notice I don't generally drop it around here, because I know how different social circles work and adapt accordingly. Also, I stand by your right to say offensive shit and deal with people getting offended, because free speech motherfucker. The minute you lost me was when you decided that free speech is EXCLUSIVELY about your right to be a shitheel, and refused to get mad about ACTUAL JOURNALISTS ACTUALLY GETTING ATTACKED FOR DOING JOURNALISM. You worthless fucking cunt.
Grades are in. The shitty research methods professor gave me an A, which was not unexpected so much as kind of a wild card.

Don't forget about midterms next week.

Also, it appears the pregnant is going around again. First it was my cousin with her twins, now two more of my friends are telling me all about how they're barfing their guts up for the sake of procreation, and then have the balls to ask me when I'm having babies.

The answer is no. No to all of it. And if all you're doing about your pregnancy is telling people about how MISERABLE you are, and how you can't even eat, and oh woe is you, get the ball of jelly sucked out, and call it quits.

No, I haven't said that to them. I do have manners. Sometimes.
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