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Maybe they're called smashwords because they make you want to smash your keyboard?



On his 12th revision of Little Orange book 1.
The morning shift are going to be locked out of the building tomorrow as well, until they call the operations guy with the phone.

I'm also going to go down tomorrow, during my off duty time, to let them know about the locks and cards.

But apart from that, I'm off from work and my emails until Tuesday.

I eagerly await your next post.
This fucking place.


Originally, as you know, the plan was to leave this building unmanned during the night.  After protests were raised, this plan was scrapped in favour of having some of the cleaning staff stand in for those attending the training, both day and night.  Shifts on those days, after training, would be manned by the people meant to man them, up until 23:15 at night.

However, they did not schedule in anyone for tonight.

My immediate boss is on a five day holiday in Norway.  This weekend is the student arrival weekend, the busiest time of the year, and he, as the manager of this building, has fucked off.  The two newest members of staff are doing inductions.  They've literally only been here 3 months. 

New locks are being installed on the top floor, for our own college students.  Staff here were not informed of this.  Our cards have not been updated to give us access.  These will have to be updated tomorrow, by one of the staff visiting the college.  Meaning there will only be one member of staff on shift for that time period, when new students may be arriving.

My boss's boss is not answering either of his phones.  His email inbox is also full, and so he cannot be contacted at all.

I am off for the next 3 days.  I giveth not a single fuck, and I sincerely await the shitshow that will result from this, when management demand someone's head.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Cyborg’s Quandary?
« Last post by Don Coyote on Yesterday at 05:46:47 pm »
It's been pretty user friendly for me.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Cyborg’s Quandary?
« Last post by The Wizard Joseph on Yesterday at 04:20:27 pm »
Got it downloaded and installed. Will futz with it when I get some free time this weekend.

Any tips?
So, due to the occupation(s) of some of my neighbors, home security is not really an issue.  However, some firm has been, uh, intimidating the locals to sign-up for protection because, look, how easy was it for them to ask that question, given that in order to do so, they were already trespassing...  Like how the physical manifestation of "angels" in penetration testing would seem to carry all relevant derogatory connotations when it comes to home security...  So, how interesting it was to see the same guy, normally driving arround in his pathetic yellow jeep, to be then also patrolling my hood in his personal station wagon...  Well, I just don't know what to say other than this typifies the abusive development in my hood.  Oh... humbug.

Stand your ground.
Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« Last post by Prelate Diogenes Shandor on Yesterday at 02:22:21 pm »
One of those cartoons where a character falls in love with a food item (cf. the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "To Love a Patty" and the We Bare Bears episode "Burrito"), except it's an anthropomorphic cartoon Lion falling in love with an anthropomorphic gazelle; everyone acts as if he had fallen in love with a  sandwich or something


Another idea:
In this tale of piracy and overextended metaphors a privateer must follow a map to the place where two formerly warring nations buried the hatchet, so that he can dig it up and start privateering for them again.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Cyborg’s Quandary?
« Last post by Don Coyote on Yesterday at 02:04:15 pm »
Thanks. Soundcloud is handy because it has an app.
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