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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Swingers
« Last post by The Johnny on Yesterday at 09:24:47 pm »
Just a small compilation for the lulz

1: I hate to say it, though it is abundantly clear, monogamy remains the path of least resistance to developing meaningful relationships.

2: Yea, I'm cool with a split too, however, the bolded is false beyond what you can conceive, Mnkay? :roll:

3: Really, honey, I think monogamy admits to more than that to which you or I may realize.

4: Right on.  The condescension is only proportional to the extent that you may have denigrated my understanding of the subject.

5: I tend to celebrate difference, and yes, that makes me quite alone.  For one, because monogamy admits the victory of love over any imaginary division we so delicately contrive.

6. Fine, I think we're ready for that ridiculously over-consumed punch-line:  given how I'm not yet equipped to do better, the best I can be is a serial monogamist.  That is not to say polyamory beats swinging, I just want to figure how holy a threesome needs to be in order to count for either, or, how fast can I switch between partners before I no longer qualify for monogamy.  But there I go, lowering the bar again, right?  Just say the word and I'm out.

Conclusion: I think its trying to communicate, what should we do?
Literate Chaotic / Re: Excerpts from the Next Great American Novel
« Last post by Junkenstein on Yesterday at 09:02:15 pm »

Just one comment... in one paragraph you say that the currency glands were designed to prevent people from saving currency, and that the fluid doesn't keep outside of the sacs. But you conclude it by saying that Vinny is saving for a third currency gland. What is he saving?

Err, nothing, surely?

He's saving for the gland, right? Which means he will have to pay for it. Are you suggesting that such an economy would not thrive on, nay require, advance payment?

Imagine a culture where loan sharks charge you in advance for the loan. It's not as far away as we would realistically like to pretend.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
« Last post by Junkenstein on Yesterday at 08:58:08 pm »
So, this finished.

Somewhat ambivalent about the end. Probably due to the "more in a year" bullshit.
It really does work well. I've walked into many site cabins with a couple of bags of ice and a fan in warm summers and been treated like jesus.
That's not far off what I've been doing.  Well, I've been drinking the ice to cool my body temperature before sleep...but close enough.

And also not a bad idea.  Local off-licence sells bags of ice.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Dirtbags, part 5
« Last post by Junkenstein on Yesterday at 08:51:29 pm »
This has shaped up excellently. Feels like a 7 parter? Or Ongoing?
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Fill your bracket
« Last post by Hoopla on Yesterday at 08:50:28 pm »
Only if you consider

Jenny McCarthy
Joe McCarthy
Eugene McCarthy
Eugene V. Debs

to be a sport.

So, yes.

I mean the way the brackets thing works.  I've seen people use them to rank sport teams... are they usually used in other ways? Sorry I'm veering off topic, just curious.
Well, I feel pretty good.  Last night was the first night in...hmm, about five days that I've had more than 4 hours of sleep a night due to the flat I'm in being ungodly hot and without air-con.

Even with a window open, fan on 24/7 and cold showers before bed, it's still disturbingly warm in here...enough that I sweat just laying in bed.

Maintenance, of course, swear there isn't a problem.

You Sir!

Can I interest you in the wonders of Ghetto Air Conditioning? If so, google that.
Rocking a crummy but well paying temp job. Waiting f school to start. Wondering how I slept through a full blown gunfight in the neighborhood last night. My cup runneth over, really.
Hi PD! Long time no see. How are the kids? Your aunt's hairy growth return? Who farted?

I've been behaving badly.  You?
I got Tom Arnold.
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