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That was really cool! What does MSY stand for? Never heard of any of this.

Millions of screaming yahoos.  It was a story I wrote here years ago that a few of us turned into a graphic novel.

That's awesome! I love the title.
Ok sure, that makes sense. But realistically, if you are working security in a US school, where shootings seem to occur with alarming regularity, which would you rather be packing?

Well look, in for a penny in for a pound. All US teachers should be wearing nerve gas vests and deadman switches rigged to their heartbeats.

It's the only way to protect the children.
I'm thinking of that Judge Pickles. . . . James, was it?
Only on purpose next time?

I'm guessing you've never seen Eric Pickles.  Otherwise you'd not have to ask that question.
So no more accidental pickle gobbling at all? 'Cisco Pickle can come out of hiding?
Eric Pickles has assured the public he will never eat another Disco Pickle by mistake.
Well, as long as it was a freak accident . . . you can't have that shit happening like regular accidents. People will notice.
He was eaten alive by Eric Pickles, in a freak accident.
What happened to him then?
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