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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Syria reported to have use Chemical Warfare
« Last post by Cain on Today at 06:58:55 am »
It's a convoy, so it's not unusual.  Blow the lead and the rear guard, shoot anyone still standing and release the prisoners.

Also, ISIS.  Or an affiliated group.  ISIS have done a number of jailbreaks over the last year, including launching a successful attack on Abu Ghraib.  It's their style, and within their means.
Discordian Recipes / Re: Vote on this weekend's special!
« Last post by Cain on Today at 06:56:39 am »
Faroese salmon.  It's meant to taste as good as wild Atlantic salmon.  And while a garlic scape gazpacho does sound appealing, I know quite a few people tend to be put off by anything with the word garlic in it.  Because they are culinary cowards, but still.
Suicide attackers have mounted a bomb and gun attack on a prison convoy in Iraq, killing 51 prisoners and nine police officers, security sources say.

Roadside bombs exploded as the convoy was taking the prisoners from the town of Taji to the capital, Baghdad, justice ministry and medical sources told Reuters.

Gunmen opened fire and a battle ensued with security forces, AFP reports.

There were no immediate figures for casualties among the militants.

The prisoners, who were suspected militants, had been evacuated in the convoy after mortar rounds hit military bases in Taji at dawn on Thursday, Iraqi officials told AP.

That's around 75+ in two attacks in a couple of days. I can't work out if the intention was to capture the militants for themselves or release them. I'd guess kill them due to the use of bombs but again it seems odd. Why not go after a target that's not a prisoner and almost assuredly more of a threat?
Skyrim mods interact strangely at the best of times.  I know a modder who was working on something to do with Fort Dawnguard, and his edits ended up affecting things in Whiterun and Falkreath.  How? 

It also may not be mod related.  Are you using the alpha build 1.7 for SKSE?  If not, you may need to investigate how to allocate more V-RAM to Skyrim, as the update for Skyrim 1.9 basically borked how memory is allocated towards the game.  If it exceeds a certain crash to desktop.  1.7 has this functionality built in, so it's not a problem.

BOSS and LOOT are programs which, when run, will tell you what order to put your mods in, what dependencies those mods have (and if they are present or not) and whether those mods have "dirty edits" which require cleaning.  TES5Edit is a program which allows you to clean the mods.  Neither BOSS or LOOT is perfect, but they are frequently very helpful.

Also, I echo your feelings about Hunterborn.  It is a great mod.  It's even better when combined with RND and Frostfall, and either played with the SkyRe overhaul (which has a new perk tree - Wayfarer - which deals with survivalism and is awesome) or with Requiem, as the mod author recommends.

The only problem with Hunterborn is that it's not entirely compatible with some other major hunting overhaul mods.  Notably, it has problems with SkyTEST when it comes to I recall, it's not a CTD level problem, but more to do with the kind of loot you get.  That info is contained in the compatability information though (the author is very good at that), so it's easy enough to find.  The other problem is that it can be, at times, rather script intensive, which can slow down your system.  This is a notable issue when it is combined with Frostfall.

Hmmm, now I think about it...does ACE Archery, Melee and Realistic Fighting play nice with Hunterborn?  Probably not, I've not seen anything about a compatability patch or anything.  Even if you're not using Scrimshaw arrows and weapons, they may not be recognised by the ACE system, and so could be fouling things up.  Just a possibility, but one to keep in mind.  If that is the case, I suggest perhaps using SkyRe as a combat overhaul - it's just as valid, and probably a little more coherent overall, and you know for sure that it has SkyRe compatability.
Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« Last post by Junkenstein on Today at 06:03:12 am »
The pictures of it it ruins are going to be a little fucked up. Potentially wonderful PR though.

In other news, Planes. US/European flights cancelled to Israel and a crash in Taiwan.

We're packed. I managed to cut all of the work I still have to do and got my sewing machine ready for travel so I can finish everything.

Tomorrow is going to suck so, very, very hard.

Literate Chaotic / Re: LessWrongWiki: What the hell are they talking about?
« Last post by Regret on Yesterday at 11:54:23 pm »
Brainfart: The difference between interchangable and identical becomes important when you deal with quantums: There are no mecha-gazillion protons in the universe, there is only one and it has mecha-gazillion instances of existence.

A proton ain't nothing but an instance of a probabilistic interaction.

Incidentally, the same occurs with theoretical coin-flips.  :horrormirth:
I did check for DLC requirements, and disabled the parts that do.

I'd put money on one of them requiring them but not stating it.

Good luck figuring out which one, I'd guess one with minimal info/documentation but I Cain's already covered the best fix.

You may want to try a couple of different weight fix mods, trying to recall the one that worked well with hunterborn.

Just passing level 12 of the setup i'm coming to think of as "living hell". No significant accomplishments to report beyond crossing the map. Twice. For a pittance. Not occuring again in the near future. Based out of Markarth currently raiding Forsworn camps because fuck the Forsworn. I've had to go back to heavy armour/2h sword to survive. Which is incidentally the style I ended up using for Goldenglow. They weren't impressed with my subtle approach. We're still cool though.
Heh, I'm NOT using your setup. Too depressing :P

I'll try Cain's fixes.
So far the CtDs only happened twice, on melee kills. One Elk, and one Bandit.
Now I know it is not Hunterborn because that only deals with animals.

It is neither weather or one of the other minor aesthetic changes so it is either RealisticNeedsandDiseases (unlikely) or one of the ACE mods regarding combat.
Unless one of the mods has a serious flaw and influences something it shouldn't.
DLC related requirements could be an option if the slain creature spawns loot that isn't. (in existence)

This modding thing is a lot more entertaining than i expected!
Thanks guys, for putting me onto this trail.
The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Just another YAWN thread
« Last post by Regret on Yesterday at 11:31:55 pm »
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