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Because it doesn't exist.

Of course.

Of course.
True, but Obama was also never alleged to be a member of HIMEOBS.
Yes, but Baker isn't utterly insane.

Though he did let GE set up shop in the seaport.

He's not, but Deval Patrick was no Obama either.
Yes, but Baker isn't utterly insane.

Though he did let GE set up shop in the seaport.

This is VERY amusing.  It takes about 5-10 minutes to play.  Also, this guy's voice is hawt.

I had time to play.  Is gentle fun.
So, fun fact: we in Massholevania elected our First Black Governor right before we helped elect Obama. The trajectories weren't identical, but you could draw parallels besides race.

Our most recent gubernatorial election pitted Charlie Baker (some white guy with a big head) against perennial candidate for _something_ and outspoken hater of the voting public, Martha Coakley. Coakley, who failed to secure the late Senator Kennedy's seat for the democrats in the special election, is widely and openly disliked everywhere. Yes, she is a member of the party who has "paid her dues," but she's been the Attorney General of the state for a while and made some real shit decisions while in office, and she seems incapable of making a good impression on anybody. But she has _name recognition_ so she keeps winning primaries. The dems, sad that no one else could take the nomination from her, were still convinced that the voters would suck it up because the alternative was so much worse.

Charlie Baker is governor now.
Or Kill Me / Re: h: plaigirism
« Last post by Q. G. Pennyworth on Yesterday at 10:57:02 am »
link's broke, no idea what he was plagiarizing

The last Nenslo Rant, from chapter 3 of Revelation X.

It's worth mentioning that this was about the time I was trying to find a style, so I was blatantly (and openly) biting on Stang and Nenslo and HST.  Horab, however, was on meth and kept forgetting things like me saying "Props to Onan Canonbite", etc, and insisted on revealing the horrible truth about me.

Then all his teeth fell out and he presumably died.

I miss all the fun stuff.
Or Kill Me / Re: Epistle Two: On the Revolution.
« Last post by Xaz on Yesterday at 10:10:31 am »
I appreciate your forum archaeology skills, Q.G.

It's interesting to read stuff from >10 years ago and see what you were all thinking and talking about back then.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« Last post by axod on Yesterday at 07:33:20 am »
It'll work its way out.
Why does black floor tile cost so damn much?  The cheapest I've found so far is about $2.50/sqft.  Do they think no one will buy black glazed ceramic, and so all black tile must be porcelain or natural stone?

High demand from satanists.

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