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Literate Chaotic / Great... Another one
« on: October 12, 2008, 05:16:05 am »

somebody really has to consolidate all these joke religions

they all remind me of unnecessary re-makes or bad sequels

Or Kill Me / can you hold my wallet for me while i jump?
« on: October 10, 2008, 04:03:51 pm »
somebody found this message on a abandoned computer terminal at the public library


you and them have something in common

and im sure from your perspective - i have something in common with them too

where does that leave us?

wherever that may be - let's figure it out quick so we can see how we can help each other

perhaps more importantly - let's figure out where we won't be able to help each other out much

like - here is some examples:

1. dont look to me for anything that has anything to do with money aside from how to get food to eat and tools to use
- that means no advice - no lending - no borrowing

2. try to avoid leaving me alone with your woman for extended periods of time

3. unless you factor in the 'after-life' as a part of your long-term time line - im not the person to ask about long-term strategies (though i'm getting a bit better at this)

now - im not sure if i can articulate any good qualities - but th


That's where it ended


in a dream about a UFO landing on the planet - he was not surprised about the news - a reaction of calm acceptance

when he awoke and recalled this dream, he felt satisfied that he had reacted that way


a nest constructed hastily by two birds - one male, and one female about to lay eggs

the nest was tucked away safely, but due to its small size, it proved surprisingly disastrous

as the five young birds grew, the nest was simply not large enough to suffice, and two of the birds plunged to their death - forced out of the nest - before they were able to fly


rumor has it that the Penguin learned some of his umbrella tactics from Mary Poppins


there is no amount of generosity or kindness that can compensate for a single act of treachery

one can learn politeness and etiquette, but treacherous acts are defining, and when they occur, they are never exceptions to the rule

redemption is tricky - difficult - psychologically messy - but always possible

ego and redemption do not get along well together


some crazy weather we're having

Literate Chaotic / Sometimes Villains Get the Best of You
« on: July 09, 2008, 05:57:38 pm »
to whom it may concern:

ive never been much of a duck and cover kind of guy
when Complexitron caught wind that i was lurking around his hood
he got PISSED

i had to duck and cover my way out

plus i was wearing a pink shirt that day

if it wasnt for a unforeseen and unprovoked attack by Administrator and a couple of his thugs - i wouldn't have even been in the situation in the first place

the bottom line was: Administrator was up to some bad shit, and the only way i could look after it was by retrieving a sub-miniature component located deep in Complexitron's main factory

anyway - to make a long story short - i didnt grab it this time around

maybe next time

in a recent fan letter - one youngster asked me how i handle failures like these

well young man - it might be considered a little hard on yourself to view these types of un-successes as failure

best thing to do is head back to the lab and re-group - maybe consult some of the others around for some insights or strategies - and then head back out and dive into the mix again

see: something that needs to be done will always need to be done until its done

i know we live in a place where we use time to threaten ourselves and others
anything with a clock-related deadline is just another trick

Plan A might be 'get it done by Monday at noon'
but Plan B is always 'get it done ASAP'

lesser villains could possibly be dealt with like clockwork
when youre dealing with SUPER-Villains, its just not reasonable to think that they can be thwarted according to some sort of time schedule

what are these scientists smoking?

if everybody has a disease, is it still a disease?

or is it just part of having a body?

i havent taken the time to formulate a point of view on the intimate tendencies of america
something about that 'study' and those 'findings' seem a bit ridiculous

sex was invented in the 1900s

Literate Chaotic / Seeing? Yes. But Reading? Not so sure.
« on: March 11, 2008, 05:28:09 pm »
it occured to me that rarely are things actually read

people see a lot of things

but not much gets read

that being said

what percentage of the population reads?




Or Kill Me / The Cover of the Book
« on: February 28, 2008, 04:55:57 am »
is a reflection of the content of the book

a cover determines whether you want to approach something or whether you want to avoid something

a intelligent author puts as much effort into the presentation as the content warrants

if you cant judge a book by its cover - then what in the hell else can you possibly judge it by?

the words "nobody understands"
can either be a reason to embark on a quest
a reason to whine and complain throughout eternity

(if 'nobody understands', it is quite possible that you may also be doing something wrong)

Principia Discussion / Let Other People Think for You
« on: January 06, 2008, 08:25:40 pm »
it is kind of easier

and you can play the victim role if anything goes wrong

Techmology and Scientism /
« on: January 06, 2008, 07:29:28 pm »
free outer space program

i cant see shit at night time living in the city

this program is pretty cool

Bring and Brag / A Space Oddity
« on: December 18, 2007, 03:31:29 pm »

for video class we had to do some filming in the blue screen room

this was part 1 of the movie

Literate Chaotic / Wu-Tang 8 Diagram Lyrics - Sunshine
« on: December 18, 2007, 03:25:22 pm »
[Movie Sample]
the heart is the general,
the eyes are the scouts
the fists are the arrows

the body is the bow

all movements have to be natural...

[Raekwon - in background]
it's fact, man

it's fact

I'm the 7 in the center of the sun,
I keep shinin
My inner light would turn my baby's tear drops to small diamonds
That be twinklin,
while my love be sprinklin
We stay young while your old wicked faces be wrinklin
allah's the most gracious,
he made the universe the most spacious
Seen and heard in all places,
but still appear faceless
Embraces all races,
all castes and all cases
In every spec of life - he's the substance of all traces


The answer to all questions,
the spark of all suggestions
Of righteousness,
the pathway to the road of perfection
Who gives you all and never ask more of you
The faithful companion that fights every war with you
Before the mortal view of the prehistorical, historical
He's the all and all,
you searchin for the oracle
A mission impossible,
it's purely philosophical -
What you call him on your death bed when you layin in the hospital


And as you play all day like the grasshopper, we work and toil
Like armies of ants carrying stones of soil
Building a home for themselves and storing food
At night we praise allah and adore the moon
In sync like the flow of the Nile, the growth of a child
Only fearin' god,
we greet a ghost with a smile
That which is spirit is spirit, which is flesh is flesh
Meaning life has no partnership with death


Yo, I've been highly misunderstood by those who met us
They had ears of corn and heads of lettuce
Mentally dead,
essentially lead by the false teachings
And eventually pledge their allegiance
To that which was against them and exempt them from the truth
Then juiced them and pimp them to give and entice
So the church can rise,
while their babies home hungry covered with flies

Trying to harness the wind
allah's the father from without and within
On Christ's return, who will announce him?
Every tree is numbered, but who can count them?
The name of all things on this world, who can pronounce them?
allah is the father of all, why do you doubt him?


The heart is the general, the eyes are the scouts
the fists are the arrows, the body is the bow
All movements have to be natural
The wrist must be strong and the fingers powerful
Fast, high kicks,
a good firm stance
Avoid the enemy's strong points

Or Kill Me / Predictably we move on...
« on: December 17, 2007, 07:06:12 pm »
we live in a place where changes do not get made

we dont make decisions here - we only react to situations

the main hobby of humans in developed countries is either to 'win' the property race or be stimulated

the property race has long since been determined as a waste of time

the need for external stimulation has long since been determined as a sign of self destruction

but we will never change these things

these are not habits - these are patterns of movement

they are paths that man is attached to much the same way as a train is attached to its track

and what does it take for a train to be taken off its track?


a collision?
the bridge is out?
a earthquake?
no more fuel?

or maybe worst of all:

the day that comes when trains are no longer needed because there is a new technology in place

and the trains get left behind to rust and rot

if that extended metaphor was too much - you should prolly stop reading now

who put you on the track you are on?

most directly it was your parents / guardians

secondarily - it was the social context you grew up in
- what you were taught in school
- what was broadcast through the airwaves

third it was your life experience

the problem is - the only legitimate learning circumstance is the last one

a lot of times in developed societies people are encouraged not to have that life experience

by who?
well - likely parents and teachers

(*note that you cant really pin any blame on them either because they only really did what they could with what they were taught by THEIR parents and teachers - this is what gets perpetuated from generation to generation)

when a person is encouraged not to experience things - this is damaging

you become soft
old fashioned

you are the equivalent of a pair of air jordans in a place where people have the ability to fly and teleport

worst of all - you become generally scared

scared in a universe that was made to meet your every need

scared to die in a place where life is eternal

you become a walking contradiction

scared of pain when it is the only path toward healing

we are beyond the point where we can really criticize people anymore - as i said at the beginning - its pretty predictable

it would be irresponsible of me at this point to act as though i would expect anybody to do anything other than continue doing what they are doing

but what im saying is this:

until some fucked up shit happens to you specifically - you are not going to change your ways

on a larger scale - until some seriously fucked up shit happens on this planet - this place is going to keep going the way its going

occasionally - people are able to elevate themselves to the point where they can see these patterns of movement for what they are and make a decision to switch their path

- in the train metaphor - the train can say 'fuck the track'
- strap on some wings and get some high-octane fuel - take to the skies

if you feel you need to make changes in your life - you are probably right

there are a couple of ways to look at it:

1. what you have in front of you is a opportunity to take it upon yourself to force a change
2. keep doing what you are doing until you are forced to change by something bigger than you

(looking at it closely tho - you might determine that those two are one and the same)

i havent posted in a while

rarely correct but always on point

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / 'recycling' failure: too early?
« on: October 09, 2007, 08:58:09 pm »
is it too early to call the recycling / environmental movement a failure?

is separating your garbage into plastic and paper a unnecessary obstacle at this point?

im sayin:

since the early 90s ive been trained to approach trash with a distinguishing eye
and like a good citizen i did it

the polar bears are still dying
melting snow
oil running out etc

at what point is it the smart move to abandon these surface / lip service acknowledgements to good 'environmental intent' and instead focus on other things?

also: at a certain point - does it not make good sense to exploit, rape, and exhaust a society that is founded on raping, exploiting and exhausting?

if this way of life is killing the planet - cant we kill that way of life using the same approach?

eat more?

Or Kill Me / you cant be serious
« on: September 24, 2007, 03:17:44 pm »

not the figure of speech

im saying "no, you cant be serious"

im serious when i say that

the report from the front lines say that the missiles are flying

they got stealth technology

usually you cant detect the bombs until you feel the shrapnel

as you remove the embedded pieces it stings like a bitch

the only way to avoid the pain is by doing things that would cause further damage in the future

now thats comedy


from the positive angle:

their stealth isnt so stealth anymore

we see you

Or Kill Me / full court press
« on: August 28, 2007, 08:59:10 am »
at first
he thought there was no way he could shoulder the load
after shifting the weight distribution on his back
he was able to carry it beyond his destination

with ease

2 people working toward the same end are already working together by default

his prayers were answered in the form of a question
in this regard a dialogue was formed

it is said that throughout his days he was always mentally active
and encouraged thoughtfulness among those with whom he crossed paths

a hard head leads to your ass getting beat

he understood that taking on the responsibility would suggest his imminent demise
he hesitated on this for some time
but in the end - the alternative was far worse

throughout his days - he met a number of people who were unafraid of death
it grew clear after some time that this had nothing to do with pain
and that pain - by definition - was not enjoyable without exception

pain requires one to pay attention

because it is so demanding - it is avoided at all costs by a people who resent being told what to do

the lesson of pain is humility

he tilted her 23 degrees on her axis and shone down for half a day before she turned over

we die laughing
not at anything in particular
its just that the situation is ridiculous

i know a guy who tricked himself so well that he forgot that he tricked himself
and every time he thinks that maybe he tricked himself
he says "No way. That's nonsense. How the fuck could I have done that?"

if you find yourself facing something that you need to do
and you find yourself not wanting to do it
the only real choice you have is to trap yourself

one of the great lessons of fasting is that the lack of food and energy causes one to determine what actions are important and significant
and which actions can be done without

this is one of many examples of how a person can trap himself

another way of trapping yourself is to continually get yourself into situations where you are in over your head or you feel your life is at stake

it is possible that the end objective is actually to find a way to keep going

Or Kill Me / everything in the book of the subgenius is true
« on: July 29, 2007, 09:59:38 pm »
you are entitled to whatever you need whenever you need it

the punishment is extreme and unpredictable when you take more than you need or dont use it properly

in hindsight - i can see how the notion of a all-knowing being was a easy sell throughout the centuries

its funny how when somebody commits a dastardly or sinister act - they always end up catching their just desserts in the end end


scales balance in the long run
when a snapshot is taken at any particular point in time - the scales can appear unbalanced

and sometimes - when a person is feeling pessimistic - they perceive the unbalanced scales as something static

they arent static
no matter how many sets of black clothing you own

you can even cut yourself if you want

yeah pain is a bitch no doubt

i havent yet heard a woman say that she enjoyed the feeling of giving birth
and tho i know some parents eventually hate their kids
it is commonly held that birth is a joy

fleeting pain
fleeting joy

whimsical barstools

when the electricity runs out
itll really suck at first

but after some thinning out and a period of adjustment - everything will be fine

how could it not be?

and after some time - im sure some clever minds will figure out a way to do it all over again

you have to do something to pass the time in eternity

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